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First of all, the book comes out today. Yay yay yay! Here is the link :: http://tinyurl.com/anniesbook [By the way, that’s the link that I implore you to share with your social media world. Thanks.] Thanks again to Westbow Press. I could not have done this without them. Literally. Now. Let’s talk about Seattle. It

Smile, Wednesday. (6.23.10)

I think I want to reinstate Smile, Wednesday. I tend to take so many pics on Anita the iPhone and then they just sit there. I think that is lame. So welcome to the return of Smile, Wednesday. I have a question here. Isn’t “drowned” the correct past tense of “drown”? I googled it and


When I moved to Nashville, I had no plans. No idea with what to do with my days. Except to cry and beg God to let me go home to Atlanta. [That went well.] But now I sit here, a writer. A nanny. An employee. A friend. And it’s crazy. Most recent new title: Help