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Load! That! E-Reader!

The world of e-readers is growing and growing and WHOA MAMA EEERRBODY gotz one. I love my Kindle. I call her Kindlella. Like Cinderella? Get it? [I know. I am terribly punny.] I’ll never quit real books, but I really love the ease of carrying a ton of books around in this one little device.

Perfectly Unique: ONE MONTH.

September 4th is less than one month away. Whoa to the whoa. I have copies of Perfectly Unique in my house finally. But to be honest, I haven’t read it again. This is in part because I have read that manuscript a blue-million times [as my mama says]. But also, something new has been going

A Monday List.

1. Thank you for all your prayers on Saturday. It was a good day. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t my best showing. It was a good reminder that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. [It feels stupid to say that; I know it is true, but it feels like a cop-out way of

I’m Always Me: Book Nerd Edition.

I spent my Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch reading a book. Well. Officially. Reading a book on my Kindle. [I know. Santa showed up in Nashville and left this for me. And I freaked. Cause hello. It’s a Kindle and I love to read and hello I love technology.] [No Kip joke needed.] I’m