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Day 4 :: Lyrics

I cannot think of a finer writing style than songwriting. Truly. What a songwriter says in 35 lines it takes me 35 paragraphs and you are surely bored at the end of my rant and you’re teary by the end of the song. It’s incredible. I never appreciated lyrics much until I moved to Nashville.

Why Jamie-Grace?

Jamie-Grace and I met a year and a half ago at a Mac Powell country concert. Here’s what. I thought she was really cool and my friends who know her LOVE her, so Mac’s wife introduced us and we both were like, “whoaaaaaaa I think we should be real friends.” And so it began. We

Afternoon Distraction : Goodbye Town

Any video where I can get a dramatic jog from Charles Kelley is a win in my book. I love all of Golden, Lady A’s new album, but I think this song is a special one. [Did you see yesterday’s afternoon distraction?]

Things you need to know about Charlotte.

Recap posts. I like them. And you are welcome, I took a lot of pictures this weekend. First, let me say, I am absolutely in heaven being a part of Girls of Grace. And the Point of Grace women are so kind to me and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be friends forever. The crew


Remember when “tubular” used to be a popular term? I think I’m ready to bring it back. Give me some time. But I’m going for it. [Sure. I’ll be mocked for a while. But in the end, when TUBULAR makes a comeback like RAD has made a comeback, you’ll know who to thank. Or blame.

TOP 5 FRIDAY: most loved songs!

Ok, so I think this is gonna be supes fun. Let’s make a TOP 5 list every FRIDAY! TOP 5 FRIDAY! Starting today! Yay! [I’m feeling very exclamatory today. Probably has something to do with a lack of sleep. Thanks a mil, boot camp. Now you’re causing me to inappropriately use punctuation.] So, here’s the

Weekend is upon us.

And aren’t we all just grateful? I know I am. For starters, I missed my blog birthday. And if you recall how I feel about my REAL birthday, it is absolutely ridiculous that I would forget my blog birthday. Apparently I forgot in 2007, in 2008, and believe it or not, I forgot in 2009.

Wednesday is a list.

Instead of pictures. Sorry ’bout it. I just have an absolutely insane week and to try to compose anything more than a list would cause my head to explode. Yuck. List. Here we go. 1. CMAs It is a big week in Nashville- CMA Awards and the like. Make sure you watch the awards tonight