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Looking For Lovely Gift Guide for College Girls!

Well listen. If Lifeway is gonna let you have a copy of Looking For Lovely for only FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS, I’m gonna help you build out a little gift for a few different women in your life. Today- let’s talk about those dears that are between seventeen(ish) and twenty-three(ish)! In addition to a copy of

Looking For Lovely bookplates!

It’s Looking For Lovely‘s first Christmas! Baby’s first Christmas! I should definitely get an ornament. BRB… ordering a glittery one from Etsy. 🙂 But seriously- it gets me so so excited to think that a lot of friends will find Looking For Lovely inside the wrapping paper of their Christmas gifts this year! (Which. By

What happens when you lose.

For starters, I have one billion pictures I want to post from the KLOVE Awards on Sunday night. I did a few on instagram – my red carpet look, with former UGA football coach and a true hero of mine, Coach Mark Richt, and with my sweet parents who came to Nashville for about 12

My prayer for Looking For Lovely

One of my favorite questions people have been asking me the last few weeks is what I am praying as the new book launches and what they can be praying for me and for the book. My answer is simple, but it hasn’t come simply.  I have big hopes and dreams. Looking for Lovely is

What are Friendorsements?

When you write a book, you usually get people to endorse it. You know, other authors or celebrities or someone that the reader knows and trusts. You ask those people to read your book and then write 1-3 sentences about the book. And, you ask the people to be VERY NICE because it matters what

When I Sign A Book Deal

It’s been almost a year to the day that I signed the Looking For Lovely book deal with B&H/Lifeway. I don’t have the time or space to tell you how that all worked out, but it was a total God thing for me for sure. I’ve been dyyyyyyyying to tell you so many details about it and

Looking For Lovely!!

Finally, y’all. Finally. I can tell you all the things. I’ve been waiting (not patiently) and hoping and begging and waiting… dying to tell you all about it. Now I can. Praise hands emoji. . . . the basics . . . My next book, Looking for Lovely, releases on April 5, 2016… but pre-sales