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In honor of my friends.

I wrote about my Nash-friends today over at (in)courage. The piece is called A Moment of Bliss. Here is some inside scoop I didn’t put in the article: a.   we danced the night away b.   to the point that the people who owned the place asked if monkeys had been there [because of

Things I’m ashamed of:

That time I called the YMCA to cancel my gym membership and a guy I know answered the phone. “Sorry, David. I won’t be working out at your facilities this year. Nothing personal. How’s your mom?” That time I sold a bunch of books so I could have extra cash to eat out with my


So I’m in Chicago. Remember that five of my eight jobs are portable. So I’m working. Don’t worry about that. And after lunch yesterday, Betsy, Lyndsay, and I went to the Field Museum. [I like museums. I like them so much that I handed Anita the iPhone over to Betsy and said, “You keep this