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March 12, 2006.

You know what’s funny about me being me? Sometimes I start writing blog posts for a specific day [March 12] and then totally forget to finish them on the right day and instead they get written and posted on bizarrely unrelated days [March 18].  Some might call it “idiotic”, I prefer “charmingly scatterbrained”. Tomatoes, TomAHtoes. 

It’s the little things, people.

In January of 2007 I saw a beautiful shower curtain and shower curtain hooks at Target. I remember clearly that they were on the end of the aisle, deeply on sale. I’m talking a red sticker with another red sticker on top. If I remember correctly [and let’s be honest, when it comes to sales,

To be loved.

**Before we get into the post, let me give a shout out to the Genius at the Apple Store who lovingly took my computer out of my line of vision and beat it into submission. And now her bumps are gone and she works like a charm. Albeit a two year old charm that needs