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Seeing Is Believing: A New Prayer Plan Part 2

It’s just too good to not use again: “The Attempt Of One Christian To Actually Remember To Pray Daily For The People And Things That Are Important To Her.“ So here is mi parto dos de prayer. [I don’t know Spanish.] (Why I’m doing this is HERE, and Part 1 is HERE, just in case.)

I wanna be like Anne Couch.

I don’t know if this post is going to turn out the way it is turning out in my mind. But we’ll give it a shot. After Mrs. Couch’s funeral last week, I decided that I want to be a different person. There was a common theme in the words that people said at her

It only takes a day.

Do you half-wish I would bust into “it only takes a spark, to get a fire go-o-ing”?  Welcome back, Summer Camp 1986 Annie.  I’ve missed you and your curly perm.  [Don’t ask. I won’t show you a picture.] Today I was drawn to the story of Joseph in Genesis. You know him- technicolor dream coat,