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TueBook Tuesday: February is for book lovers.

As I promised last week, here are my thoughts on the two books I think you should buy and read this month. I love talking about books so much. I’m glad y’all do too. For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe It is no surprise that I like Sean Lowe. I blogged about why his

Why Sean Lowe’s Story Matters.

I like Sean Lowe. I liked him on Emily’s Bachelorette season. I liked when he was the Bachelor. I like his sister’s blog. I wanna be friends with him and Catherine. But. That’s not why Sean’s story matters. Yes, everyone’s story matters. But that’s not what Sean’s story matters. And this isn’t going to be

The Final Rose. Some final thoughts.

For starters, if you have NOT seen the finale, step away from the blog. I’m going to spill all the beans from last night. First of all, Women Tell All from last week. Tierra. She is just a pile of crazy. And if you think she is really engaged to a human, you are a

Sean The Bachelor: Real Talk.

This post shall include spoilers for anyone who gives a rip about the world of The Bachelor. You’ve been warned. Let’s get serious about Sean the Bachelor. [In the following blog post, I’m going to say things like “he is s0-and-so” and I want you to know that I do not actually currently know Sean,