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Should you (and your teen) see The Fault In Our Stars?

(Warning: this post will be a bit longer than usual but will not include any spoilers. However, I will be mentioning sex between teenagers, so my normal G rating on a blog post is gonna bump up to PG. Proceed.) I cried through the last few chapters of the book by John Green. I cried

TFIOS sneak peek!

  As you probably recall, a few weeks ago I got to meet and interview the actors from The Fault In Our Stars, a hugely popular YA novel that has now become a feature film releasing on June 6, and my favorite author/vlogger John Green. It was awesome. And I was nervous. And I learned a

What would you ask the stars of TFIOS?

So I got an email last week inviting me to the Fan Event for The Fault In Our Stars, the movie based on the book by John Green. I thought, “that is so cool! I can’t believe I get to sit in the audience and have a ticket reserved for me.” And then the PR