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My welcome home.

Five hour flight from Honolulu to San Francisco. Two hour layover in San Fran. Minus the Tanner family. [Full House joke!] Five hour flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. One hour drive to Marietta. One hour with the family at home. Three and a half hour drive to Nashville. That’s a serious amount of travel.

Guess where I’m going?

Last year, for Thanksgiving, I was in New York City for the Macy’s parade. This year? I’m headed here.

Thanksgiving, Nash-style.

Thanksgiving 2009. There’s a lot I want to say. It was beautiful. Truly. The downside: I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving day with my family. Though, I did spend the entire weekend with my parents so surely, on some great scoreboard in the sky, that counts for something. I knew I should get that out