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I am in Ecuador!

By the way… I am in Ecuador! It’s not quite as sudden a trip as this blog post may seem. Sorry I haven’t told you sooner. (I’ve instagrammed though, so you can check over there!) I am here with Compassion International to see projects that I will hopefully have an opportunity to talk about in

Bloom Conference 2013

I’m going to do my best to recap this for you, but to be fair, I’m still a little speechless over the whole thing. I’m in total withdrawal after leaving my new ‘ohana [family] in Honolulu. It doesn’t happen often that I speak at a conference and feel like I never want to leave. Maybe

Afternoon Distraction : Tiffany and Keoki

Tiffany Thurston is an incredible worship leader and the visionary behind the Bloom Conference. She is also a dear friend. I’ve seen this video before and yet every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. Such a sweet couple to know and such a sweet God we have. Tiffany & Keoki ::