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I’m having all the fun right now on the internet.

I just need you to know this. Here’s why. Talk about God opening a HUGE door! Amazon picked Speak Love (a TEEN CHRISTIAN book!) to be their Kindle Daily Deal. Yes, everyone at Zondervan freeeeeeaked out. Because y’all! What is God up to that He has made a way for this book about the power

Let’s All Be Brave.

To be honest, I’m already a little teary over here. Here it is. This is the book you know I’ve been working on, the one that almost broke me, the one that I tell people, “may have done something to my insides that will never fix”… in some good and bad ways. 🙂 And I

Marshmallow bricks.

For starters, let me apologize for the silence the last few days. If you keep up with me on instagram, you know I spent last week in Orlando at the Youth Leader Experience and Rock The Universe. [Which, good gravy Rock The Universe has already got it’s 2014 website up and I haven’t even finished

So….. that happened.

How does one write a blog post after a bazillion people read the previous blog post? Great question. First of all, I’d like to say thanks. For sharing the post, for checking on me to make sure I didn’t explode when AnnieBlogs did, and for you regulars, thanks for knowing my heart. One of my


TODAY IS THE DAY, FRIENDS!!! Speak Love has officially released! So that means that you should be able to walk into any bookstore and they should have the book on the shelf! [If they don’t? ASK FOR IT!] And of course, it’s on the internet. 🙂 So. You know. Wherever you want it, you should

Speak Love: We Need You

Sweet friends, Tomorrow is the day. The day that Speak Love releases out into the world. And I could really use your help. You know I have been hopes and dreams for this book, but I am aware that without you guys, I don’t think we can get there. It would mean so much to

one week. One Week! ONE WEEK!!

I mean, not that I’m excited or anything, but SPEAK LOVE comes out in one week! ONE WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. 525,600 minutes…. wait. That’s not right. I got too excited. . . . . . Next Tuesday, Speak Love will finally be available in the bookstores in your town and it will ship out from

Speak Love: A Cover Story

You know, the whole way that the cover of Perfectly Unique worked out was kinda a miracle. Here’s the story if you missed it first time around. I absolutely loved it the moment that I saw it. I mean, LOVED it. So when the first email came through with the cover for my next book,


Thank you, friends, for all your excitement yesterday. Trust me, I am sooo grateful to you the reader and Zondervan for making it possible for me to get to do this again. So there isn’t too much I can tell you yet about the next book, but I’ll tell you everything I can. What’s the

I like March 6th.

Last year, on March 6, I signed the book deal for Perfectly Unique. This year, on March 6, I FINALLY get to tell you…. You guys? I signed my next book deal with Zondervan last week. Squeal. Freak out. Panic. Shock. Whoa. I know. I felt all those things too. I’m going to tell you