That Sounds Fun Episode 100: CJ Casciotta

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It’s so fun for me to have a friend like CJ Casciotta on the show today (and in my life). He’s one of those dudes that celebrates you just for being you. He’s wise and bright and awesome and you’re gonna love him.

His new book, Get Weird, just released. I gifted it to my cousin and have a list of friends I look forward to giving it to at Christmas. This guy and this book are such gifts to us in our world today. Can’t wait for you to get it!

CJ Casciotta

Dave Barnes Music

Remember God

Get Weird book

Harris III
Story Gathering
Jim Henson
Walt Disney
Dummies books
Meister Eckhart
Thomas Murton
John O’Donahue
Anam cara
To Bless the Space Between Us
Isreal collective
World Cup Soccer
Chip Dodd
Field guide
Finds in the Fork
Brian Eno Music for Airports
James Taylor
Mumford and Sons
Glen Hansard
Tyler Huckabee
Avengers Infinity Wars
Black Panther

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 86: Tom (and Melissa!) Tanner

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As my college pastor at UGA’s Wesley Foundation and my pastor for a season at RiverStone Church, Tom Tanner is one of the most influential voices in my life. Tom and Melissa are on a short list, after my own parents, of people who have had the most impact in my life and growth. And I think that is true for hundreds of my friends, including some that you know- like Tyler Reagin from Catalyst and my pastor Kevin Queen.

We are living in a world where people walk away from their faith and the church fairly often, and sometimes people fall so deep into their own sin it costs them their ministry all together. I wanted to know how to do this faith life for the long haul and TOM AND MELISSA DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Settle in for a conversation that just may change some things for you… and give you a reason to make a phone call to someone who has influenced your life, too.

Tom Tanner

Write Tom a letter!

2005 Stilesboro Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Dave Barnes’ Music

Tyler Reagin

Kevin Queen

UGA Wesley Foundation

Riverstone Church

First Baptist Church Marietta

Vince Dooley

Nate Bargatze

100 Days to Brave!

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 82: Christine Caine

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Christine Caine is one of my favorite voices. She’s an incredible preacher, a strong activist against slavery, and just one of a kind. The thing about Chris is she is SO FULLY CHRIS and SO FULLY given over to the work of the Gospel and the love of Christ. It’s awesome to watch and massively inspiring. Her new book, Unexpected, just released and it’s the power punch you’ve been waiting to read. This conversation is fun and challenging and convicting and grace-filled. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Thanks to our friends at Prep Dish for sponsoring this episode!

Head to prepdish.com/annie for a 2-week free trial!

Christine Caine

Dave Barnes’ music, grab it now!


Propel Women

IF: Gathering

Outcry Tour

Hillsong Church Australia

Eugene H Peterson

Take Heart by Matt Chandler

Lisa Bevere

Ephesians 3:20

the Message Translation

The Jesus Bible (Passion Translation)

Lisa Harper

Joyce Meyer

100 Days to Brave!

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That Sounds Fun Podcast 100th Episode!

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100 episodes.

And you’re still here. (Thanks for that!)

This one is ridiculous and fun and a sprinkling of stuff that matters and lots of Royal Wedding and a promise about Christmas that you don’t want to forget (because I’m never talking about it ever again). Just 100 hot takes.

Y’all have made my life so much more fun. Thank you.

. . . . .

Make sure you follow Eddie and listen to The New Activist! (And if you want to hear Eddie and I and some of our other best pals do this mess every week, check out the Relevant Podcast!)


The New Activist

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Here are some things we talked about on this episode!


Christian Appalachian Project

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 74: Ginna Claire Mason


Prince Edward Island

CS Lewis, the Chronicles of Narnia

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Jerry Maguire

The changing face of Renee Zellweger..

The Crown

Let’s All Be Brave

The Royal Wedding 2018

Steve Irwin

Ted Dekker

IF: Gathering

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 6b: Dave Barnes

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 48: Kevin Queen

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 78: My New Favorite Song

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 69: Dansby Swanson

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 63: John Crist

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 15: Tim Shaw

What a Feeling



Austin Channing Brown

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 64: Winston and Rachel Cruze

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 78: My New Favorite Song

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Dropping another surprise Monday episode in here because y’all are awesome and I want you to hear my new favorite song! Right Now is a song written for our local church but I am BEYOND HAPPY that you can hear it now too. Krissy Nordhoff, Zach Kale, and Mike Grayson wrote it together and it has been SUCH a gift to our church for the last few months. Can’t wait for you to hear it and hear the heart behind the writers.


Take the podcast survey!

Mike Grayson

Krissy Nordhoff

Zach Kale

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 48: Kevin Queen

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 24: Grayson|Reed

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 22: Scott Sauls

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 55: Carlos Whittaker

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 77: Passion Music

Centricity Music

Ephesians 3:20

James Tealy

Your Great Name by Natalie Grant

Brave Worship

Riverside Grillshack (aka “Holy Spirit fries”)


100 Days to Brave!

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 70: Alli Worthington

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I am so excited to finally have Alli Worthington on the show. Amazing business woman, enneagram 7, and author of multiple books, including Fierce Faith, Alli is one of my favorite women. She brings the HEAT on this episode- about fear, leadership, hearing God, and why I should not have gone to the movies with a burrito in my purse. Hope you enjoy this conversation and share it with someone you know would be encouraged by Alli’s wisdom!

Alli Worthington

Get your hands on Fierce Faith here!

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 69: Dansby Swanson

Dave Barnes’ tour dates

BlissDom Conference (2008-2013)

Breaking Busy

The Enneagram

Strength Finders

Beth Moore

The Greatest Showman

Catalyst Conference

Bianca Olthoff

Savor by Shauna Niequist

Blake Bergstrom

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 63: John Crist

The Screwtape Letters

…Alli’s battle playlist! ^^


Samaritan Ministries

Queer Eye

Movie Pass

NEEDTOBREATHE w/Johnnyswim tickets!


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That Sounds Fun Podcast January 2018 Rhythms: Good Food + Simoni Kigweba

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To continue in our theme of small important rhythms we can add to our lives, chef to the Nashville stars, Simoni Kigweba, came on the show to talk about food. Not dieting. Not shoulds and should nots. But what would it look like for us to just eat better food? To have a knife and a pan and a pot and know what we are eating? Simoni is a dear friend and probably my favorite chef in this town- and how he ended up cooking in Nashville was a story I had never heard and it moved me to tears.

Once you hear the episode, I’d love to know more about your island. 🙂

Simoni Kigweba

Simoni’s BEST chicken (and some other awesome recipes)

Dave Barnes’ New EP

Dave Barnes’ other super awesome music

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 36: Danielle Walker

University of Arkansas

Greenhouse Grille (Fayetteville, AR)

The French Laundry (Yountville, CA)

The French Laundry Cookbook

Ben Rector

George Fox University | Christian College in Oregon

Burger Up (Nashville, TN)

Miranda Whitcomb Pontes

Josephine (Nashville, TN)

Chef’s Knife

Wooden Cutting Board

Dutch Oven

8in. Stainless Steel Pan

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Against All Grain)

5-Blade Spiralizer

Martin’s BBQ (Nashville, TN)

Seasonal Food Guide

Download the Seasonal Food Guide App

Pea Agnolotti

The Catbird Seat (Nashville, TN)

City House (Nashville, TN)

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Farmstead (Long Meadow Ranch’s Instagram!)

Temper Grille (Granger, IN)

Aspens Signature Steak Restaurant (Marietta, GA)

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We need to talk about Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights

It was a cold cold day in February when the roommate and I decided that if we were gonna be snowed in, we were starting a show on Netflix that would could binge and binge hard.

People have told me for years that they thought I’d love Friday Night Lights since I’m a sports lovin’ gal and I think teenagers are cool and since dramatic family television is my favorite (think Parenthood or Gilmore Girls or 7th Heaven or The Waltons or anything on Hallmark). I actually don’t know why I hadn’t ever started the show, but I didn’t.

Until that fateful day in February.

And now, Roomie and I are 1/3 of the way through Season 4 (there are 5 seasons total) and we are equal parts rushing through because we want to see every episode and taking it slow because we never want it to end.


And Coach Taylor. Gracious. I like that guy. I have some issues with his daughter Julie’s behavior, but I like her. And I just love that Tami.

(Random sidenote. Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) is now on a television show called Nashville that is based, wait for it, in Nashville. So she and many of the cast live here in town. In fact, Connie and I live less than a mile apart and cross paths often. Not a big deal to me in 2014- fun to see her and her perfect hair around town, but eh, no biggie. But NOW? NOW SHE IS TAMI TAYLOR AND I CANNOT BE COOL AROUND HER. So I avoid her in public. End of sidenote.)

Speaking of Tami Taylor, she has GOT to quit listening to the local radio station every morning on her drive to school. I’m like, “Come on, Dillion, Texas! Surely you have at least ONE OTHER radio station!” because how horrible would it be to hear people calling in about you and your husband and y’all’s job performance. Woof. No thanks.

Smash Williams. Love him.

East Dillon. Hard switch from blue to red, but I think I can get behind it. Go Lions.

Lyla Garrity. The child needs counseling so bad it isn’t even funny. But I wish her the best of luck at Vandy! And her dad. Y’all. Somebody put Buddy Garrity in counseling immediately. The man has got ISSUES FOR DAYS.

Jason Street. His storyline lasted waaaaaay longer than it needed to. Bless him.

TIM RIGGINS. Texas forever, Tim.

Matt Saracen. Sigh. What a nice kid. I love him to pieces.

Landry Clarke. Well my word, son, you’ve become one of my favorite characters on the show. I didn’t see that coming in episode 1, but I’m glad for it.

JD McCoy. I don’t have space for you in my life.

Tyra. God bless her. I hope she’s a successful adult.

Friday Night Lights. Please last forever and ever amen.

These are my thoughts.

Without it being a spoiler party down in the comments (please please please don’t spoil the ending for me), tell me how you feel about Friday Night Lights! Have you watched it? Do you LOVE it? Sad it’s over? Ready to start it for the first time? 


. . . . .



Valentine’s Day Mashup

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I mean. You guys. This is incredible. It’s on repeat right now in my house because JUST LISTEN TO IT.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. xoxo

Get your surf on.

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It’s a cloudy and weirdly temperatured Tuesday in Nashville. You know, that “it looks like winter but feels like thick summer” thing. So, the worst.

Luckily for me, my job does not involve the outdoors at all! I sit at my dining room table for approximately six hours a day! (Those exclamation points are obviously sarcastic because sitting for six hours a day isn’t good for your body or your soul.)

The benefit of my indoor-ness is that I can tell you lots of awesome things that are happening on the internet!

Some things…

–> MY NEW WEBSITE! I know, it’s been up for about six weeks, but I’m finally getting around to telling you about it. There’s lots of info and clicky places and I’ve tried to fix all the tiny broken corners and empty spaces, but just like with any new house, there is bound to be some issues here and there. So feel free to let me know if you find something out of place.

–> I haven’t read my friend Matthew Turner’s book Our Great Big American God, but I have and I plan on it and it releases today so you should plan on it too.

–> I had a BLAST being on Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour Podcast last week. Take a listen!

–> Today at noon central I’ll be on the Finding Balance Webcast. The password is lf032. Grab your lunch and let’s eat and chat and such.

–> Have you finished reading Let’s All Be Brave? It would be super rad if you could take a minute and leave an honest review at Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. For people who have never read the book or heard of me, it helps a ton for them to see what actual readers say about the book.

–> You know I’m a major soccer fan. As in, there are still moments that I grieve the end of the World Cup (though my career is glad it is over because I found A LOT of reasons to “work” in front of the TV during the month of June). So I decided that I will become an EPL fan this year. (That’s English Premier League, just in case.) Anyways, some friends have invited me to become a Liverpool fan. My friend Lois lives there, so it feels right. Anyways, here’s the question- do y’all know anything about Liverpool? Help me learn.

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Thanks for your kind words about yesterday’s post. Glad we aren’t in this thing alone.

Get a sneak peek of Annie’s latest book! Click the link to download two free chapters of Let’s All Be Brave.