Save Blue Like Jazz.

Raise your hand if you have read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Many of you, I see.

It’s a good book. Nay, a great book.

So listen. Here’s the thing. If you read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, you know this already- Blue Like Jazz was going to be a movie. But the investors backed out, Don announced the sad news on his blog, and then these two cool superhero dudes decided to ask the fans to pay for the movie to be made.


Check out the video and the website and the kickstarter site [where you can donate money].

I’m not telling you because Don is my best friend [he’s not, currently] but because I think this will be one of those things that you’ll want to be a part of when you look back on your life. These are stories that matter and yet don’t cost you tons of moola.

Don’s a great writer and a great friend to many of my friends. I can only imagine the feeling he must be having- people loving your words so much that they are willing to pay money… so that a movie will be made… that they have to pay more money to see. That’s powerful.

And it’s weird. And it’s beautiful. And I donated some buckaroos [proof so you know I’m not lying – I’m on page 50 of the backers] because I think it is more about dreams and community and love than it is about a book or a movie.

This is about living in such a way that my life says, our lives say, “You have a dream? Need some help getting there? I can help? Then I’m in.”

They are currently trying to raise enough to be the largest crowd-sourced project in American history. Isn’t it crazy that we can give a little, many of us giving a little, and make this massive ripple in the lake of entertainment and culture?

For my whole life, I want to be a part of these kinds of stories.

Don’t you?

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