Toddler Thursday.

[Thanks for hearing me out on Tuesday. We’ll all just keep surfin’ on.]

Last weekend, one of my biggest Nash-dreams came true.

Haley and her two tiny people came to visit. And since today’s is HALEY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!, me thinks it is the perfect day to feature her and her family on ye old blog.

Just a quick reminder- Jarrett is three and Carys is two.

And together they are THE MOST AWESOME.

They arrived last Thursday, immediately pulled out the Potato Head set and turned on Little Einsteins.

Carys also took some time to check out the accommodations.

While Jarrett spent some time being a dinosaur. Obviously.

In the evening, they graciously used their tools [ie- fire truck and plastic chain saw] to take care of the leaves on my back porch. [While, mind you, my roommate hosted a prayer/worship night inside. Bless my friends’ hearts.]

On Friday, Carys said, “Annie, I’m-a sit on the steps. You take my pit-chure.” Who am I to argue with that cuteness?

And while at lunch, Jarrett played many-a-level of Angry Birds [my current iPhone game addiction] and Carys read a magazine.

We did a lot of playing and early rising and as a result, I needed naps. On multiple days. So we left lunch, headed home for a snoozle, and while I pulled out the keys, Carys decided to shimmy between two doors. Cause, you know, that’s what kids do.

We ate Mexican for dinner. Which meant a lot of cheese dip and quesadillas [as seen below].

And we befriended some local statues.

We spent Saturday at the Edgehill Village Fair before my people loaded up and drove away, leave me needing another nap and deeply lonesome.

I can’t tell you how much fun last weekend was. It meant SO SO much to me for Haley to pack her kids up and drive here, meet my friends, see this world. When I’m home, I talk about this person, that place, Nash Nash Nash, and now Haley can see it in her mind.

And if you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know that one of the biggest sacrifices for my heart when I moved to Nashville was leaving Haley and her family [and Molly and her family, and my family, and… let’s just stop there]. So every single chance I get to spend with them, I’ll take.

It was good for my heart. Good for my soul. And a hilarious couple of days. And the only picture the four of us took together was when we were pretending to be statues.

There is a plethora of good faces in this picture and an apparent shortage of pants.

Thanks again for a super fun weekend, Haley & kids! [And thanks Jeff for letting your family abandon you for the weekend and hang with me!]

Love you, Haley! Happy birthday!

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