A story of trust… I hope.

The Thursday before I left for camp, a writing job that would have been SUPER financially helpful fell through. I went to Frothy Monkey, sat with my buddy Skip and cried, then went home and sulked. I reminded God and myself that when I moved to Nashville, I never agreed to be living paycheck to paycheck. “Dear God, I wanted to be rich. Amen.” Not quite His plan.

I felt Him whisper, “Trust Me, Annie.

To which I replied, “I think I’ll go watch TV now and pretend that all is right in the world.”

Thinking I would just up my nanny hours, I went to bed having concocted a solution.

Friday morning, my nanny family said that Nanny McAnnie could retire again. She was no longer needed – Mom was going to start working from home.

So in less than 24 hours, I lost all my income.

That doesn’t just happen. That’s God.

And in that moment, my perspective changed. I mean, I lost one job and got bitter. The second time, God wasn’t whispering that I should trust Him. He was LOUD about it. “TRUST ME.”

So I’m gonna.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to watch. I want you to see God show up for me. Because of His great love for me, I don’t have to worry. The Bible promises that God is my provider, that somehow, my July bills will get paid. Then August. Then September. And on and on.

I’m. Not. Worried.

I’m. Excited.

God has given me a chance to trust Him. To live in a way where honestly, y’all, if He doesn’t pull through for me, I’m in big trouble.

But He will.

And I want you to see it. I want you to see that trusting God is an honor. That the Bible is true and that when one of God’s names is Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord Who Provides”, He means it.

I’m doing my part- applying for jobs, not spending a penny, connecting with folks who may have work for me.

But I’m also watching and praying. Watching to see what God will do. Watching to see how this adventure plays out. And I hope, when this is all said and done, we will all stand and applaud a God who LOVES to show up for His children and surpass their expectations. I think this is going to be fun.

I’m not worried. In fact, I’m grateful.


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