It has been a challenging couple of weeks for me. I’ve been busy beyond my capacity to handle with grace. It’s a lot to explain, but it has to do with prepping for Lake Geneva Youth Camp combined with a two co-workers being in Africa and a third co-worker being on maternity leave and the list could just continue.

I think “busy” is one of the enemy’s power plays with me. Get me busy, make me lose focus and feel like a lunatic, and my effectiveness drops by about 45%. It’s a mathematical fact.

So today I head to Wisconsin. I have the pleasure of taking a train from Chicago up to the camp and I can hardly contain my excitement. I heart public transportation. And cooler weather. And somehow I think it is going to feel like when Anne of Green Gables first took the train to Prince Edward Island.

[The life I live in my head is rooted in some deep romanticism, eh?]

[Sarah’s fault. The Canada talk and all.]

Anyways, because you are my people and I appreciate your prayers, I’d like to express a few specific things you can pray for me as I’m speaking at this camp.

#1. Pray that God would give me favor with the middle school girls. They can be a tough crowd. Trust me- I’m telling some of my very.best.stories, but I want God’s favor as well.

#2. Pray that God would bring life change in many hearts, including my own.

#3. Pray that the messages I share (all TEN of them) will speak clearly to the girls and make sense. You know, sometimes I don’t make a lot of sense. I overuse the letter Z and things of this nature.

#4. Pray that amidst the ministry, I would feel rested. Today I feel absolutely beyond exhausted and my mind is like a gerbil on an exercise wheel.

#5. Pray for safe travel, health, you know- all the basic jazz.

#6. Pray that this would open up more doors for me to speak to girls about the joy of living for Christ. I love doing this junk but I DO NOT want to be this guy, so pray for the balance of humility and embracing opportunities.

#7. Pray that above all else, WAY above all else, God would be honored and glorified. I’m me because of Him. Anything you like in me is really Him. So, when it is all said and done, I want people, specifically the teen girls, to remember Him.

Camp starts Sunday and concludes next Saturday. And honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this since February.

So I’ll take the train north, to a new world I have never seen, then I guess I’ll wait at the station for my ride to pick me up. Familiar story, if you ask me….

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