Write a note. Words give life.

I have a whopper of a weekend ahead of me.

Tonight and tomorrow night, I get to speak to a few hundred girls at Camp No Boys Allowed [hilarious] through Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville.

Smack in the middle of Camp No Boys Allowed, GIRLS OF GRACE NASHVILLE!

[You know how I feel about the GOG. I LOVE it. So I am sooo excited that our spring season has started!!]

So today I’ll rehearse with Girls of Grace and go speak to the Camp No Boys Allowed.

Tomorrow I will be at Girls of Grace all day and then go speak to the Camp No Boys Allowed tomorrow night.

Then Sunday I will be a puddle of a person in the fifth row of the morning service at CrossPoint.

I’m excited.

. . . . .

All three speaking opportunities this weekend, I’m talking about something that has become a bit of a passion for me: the power of words and how we are using them. Proverbs 18:21 in The Message version says, “Words kill; words give life.” And if we lived like that was true- that everything we say or write can give LIFE- I think we’d be so much more intentional with words.

To help grasp that, I had a friend of mine create these cool notecards that will hopefully encourage women to take a few minutes and write a note to someone they care about.

Everybody loves snail mail.

Everybody has three minutes a day to write a note.

Stamps are not super expensive.

Because I love these cards and think they are total perfection, we are selling them at events but also online! Adorably packaged, they are great to add to a gift or just use yourself to send notes.




. . . . .

PS- I’m writing today over at (in)courage. Just a little something I’ve been thinking about as I dream about summer.

. . . . . .

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. . . . .

Have a great weekend! If you think of it, pray for me as I speak- that the words would be from God, that the girls would receive them, and that my energy would stay sky high!

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