Book club: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Well goodness gracious. Y’all went absolutely bananas in the comments last Friday when we listed our Top 5 favorite books. If you haven’t read through them, I encourage it. It’ll take you some time, but it’ll be worth it.

Now you’ve got all my wheels [three total] spinning about how we can keep talking about books and what that could look like and thinking, “OMG, our little blog-family loves to read!”

So wait patiently and soon I’ll figure out how to keep that conversation going. Because I want to… real bad.

To start, I’ve been meaning to show you pictures from book club last weekend. I got to host, which made me super happy because the book, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, is set in England and if anyone loves them some Great Britian, it’s this girl [meaning me].

I decided to host a full-on tea party. And thanks to my mama, who has dutifully filled my hope chest every year since I was 13, I had two tea pots and all the accoutrements. There is something so sweet about being able to use these beautiful pieces.

I mean, I even have a tea cozy. And I know how to use it. [And this picture is 100% for Mama, Kelda, Melissa, and all the other women from Tea & Traditions. I’m making you proud, aren’t I?]

I use real plates and real cups. It’s the way I was raised. It’s also the way that my BFF Molly’s grandmother insisted things be done and every time I host, I think of Molly, Molly’s mom, and Molly’s grandma and I shy away from paper products.

[Unless boys are coming over for chili or pizza or something un-ladylike. Then, sheesh. Paper products it is.]

Also. Look at this GORGIE-POO cake. I mean, seriously. My friend Russell, the baker extraordinaire at LB’s Market House, made it for us. I went into LB’s [which I do about daily], saw a cake like this, and said, “Russell. Please. Can I? Whole one. Book club. Please?”

[It was so beautiful and delicious I couldn’t even make full sentences.]

So he made me one. Lemon pound cake with marzipan and edible flowers. I died [in a good way].

Also, welcome to my neighborhood, where Russell has the cake ready for me 30 minutes before LB’s even opened up and I got to knock on the window for him to let me in. Felt very Mayberry [and it kinda is around these parts]. And I loved it.

So did the girls at book club.

Kelley and Amber were happy happy girls. I mean, look at those beautiful faces! Also, do not judge us for eating cake at 10:30am on a Saturday morning.

In general, we loved Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. The group of girls that gather for book club are all super smart, love to read, and love to discuss the books. So we dove straight into character development, racism, costuming, and all things British.

As you can imagine, I was full of joy from start to finish.

Well, almost to the finish.

Oh the downside of using real dishes…..

Still worth it.

Our book club selection for May is The Hunger Games [which you already KNOW that I love] and then in June it is Bossypants [which I am sure I am going to love].

Ahh…. book club. [insert deep sigh of satisfaction here]

Are you in a book club? What are y’all reading now?

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