Load! That! E-Reader!

The world of e-readers is growing and growing and WHOA MAMA EEERRBODY gotz one.

I love my Kindle. I call her Kindlella. Like Cinderella? Get it? [I know. I am terribly punny.] I’ll never quit real books, but I really love the ease of carrying a ton of books around in this one little device.

[By the way, if you’re looking to gift an e-reader, here’s what I suggest. Either go for the super cheap black and white Kindle or get this awesome Kindle Fire. Amen.]

So whether you are giving an e-reader for Christmas OR getting one, Zondervan is doing a major sale on e-books so that you can load up that e-reader. OVER 70 books and Bibles are on sale until January 7th. Go see for yourself. [Also, does it make you feel a little sweaty and nervous that the first row is a Bible, Ann Voskamp, and then ME? No? I’m the only one sweating over that? Ok, cool.]

But I’m going to tell you my favs from the Zondervan sale that I think you absolutely SHOULD.NOT.MISS.

Trust me. I just spent an entire giftcard on these cheapo e-books.


One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp … ONLY $3.79!!

I am just such a huge fan of this book. I read passages from this book on my Kindle at least once a week. It’s worth far more than you are being charged.

. . . . .

story bookThe Jesus Storybook Bible e-book, Vol. 1 … only $2.99!!

This book has TAKEN OVER NASHVILLE. No kidding. Adults are reading it more than kids are. In fact, just yesterday a friend said, “I couldn’t get through it without crying. It is so beautifully written.” I promise if you start with volume 1, you will quickly want Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4… though I can’t find that one to link you to it.

. . . . .

The Story

The Story … ONLY $3.79!!

I haven’t read this one yet, but I bought it too because so many people are talking about this read and the way this version of the Bible is told chronologically and in chapters. I can’t wait to start it.


. . . . .

Perfectly UniquePerfectly Unique … ONLY $3.79!!

Well, you can’t blame me for making sure you know that Perfectly Unique’s e-book is about as cheap as it is every going to get. I hear it’s a decent read, too. 🙂


. . . . .

The Circle MakerThe Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

I haven’t read this one yet, but I LOVE Mark Batterson and I am stoked to get going on this e-book immediately. Seriously, I can’t believe it is this cheap. I absolutely love books on the power of prayer and just reading the description of this one gives me goosebumps. I’m in like whoa.

. . . . .

So those are a few of my personal favorites on the list, but if you’re a fiction fan, there are TONS of great ones for sale and other Bibles and lots of other teen reads.

Remember this opportunity to bulk up your e-library is only good until January 7th, so fill ‘er up now or later, but just get it done before January 7th!

. . . . . .

Any other books on the list that you think we should definitely download? 

Do you love your e-reader? Are you getting one for Christmas?

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