When your book has a sister.


If Let’s All Be Brave could have a sister, I’d pick Speak by Nish Weiseth.

(Is that how “sisters” work? You just pick? Okay. Great.)

This sisters idea is not only because I think they would look cute posing for pictures today, but more because they are two different books that share the same blood.

What flows through them both is the belief that a story can change a life.

I love this book. I think you will too. It’s a challenging read, but not a difficult read. (Know what I mean?) It’s going to push you and encourage you, but Nish doesn’t use the kind of words that make me need a dictionary or make me feel like I don’t understand what her analogy is ACTUALLY talking about. But she does use the kind of words that made me pause, take a deep breath, and really process who, where, and why I tell my stories.

I am a better writer, storyteller, and human because of the time I spent in Speak.

I can’t think of a better way for you to use your reading hours this week.

Dig into Speak.

And then tell your story.

. . . . .

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