In honor of my friends.

I wrote about my Nash-friends today over at (in)courage.

The piece is called A Moment of Bliss.

Here is some inside scoop I didn’t put in the article:

a.   we danced the night away

b.   to the point that the people who owned the place asked if monkeys had been there [because of all the footprints on the walls]

c.   that is a true statement.

d.   My roommate smacked Lyndsay‘s elbow causing Lyndsay’s drink to splash into her FACE and all down her dress and before she went to the bathroom she made sure to get my attention so that I could laugh at the droplets of red wine hanging on the ends of her eyelashes.

e.   It was a classic moment.

f.   My feet were sore for a good 30 hours after that night. THAT is how much we danced.

g.   I saw Kellie’s pregnant self for the first time and she’s the cutest thing ever. [her blog is pretty rad– me thinks you will agree.]

h.   During a break from the dance floor, I took a picture with my dear friend Alison and just seeing it makes me miss her because we are some text messaging fools and me no texty here in Scotland.

i. spy

[Sorry- that one was just too easy.]

So there’s the inside scoop to the night. I write sweetness over at (in)courage and I give you the nitty gritty dancin’ stuff over here. 🙂

You’re welcome.

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