My Favorite Friday.

I love this Friday. I love getting things for cheapity cheap cheap.

In fact, my parents just gave me two pieces of luggage yesterday for my birthday. [In July. Of 2011. And 2012. We just get gifts at any point… it’s more exciting that way.] And we bought it with Black Friday sales prices and I could have cried at check-out because of the beautiful discount.

All that to say, I celebrate saving money.

So if you’re buzzing around the internet doing some shopping this weekend, I want to share with you some of my favorite deals I’ve seen while skittering around the internet and watching football and listening to my family discuss why my cousin’s earwax is pink.


. . . . .


Dayspring is doing a Super Deals Sale right now. I like a ton of the super sale stuff, but these four are my absolute favorite…..

Ever Grateful – 12″ x 17″ Large Platter … regularly $35, only $14! I use this platter all the time. To put oreos on. Judge me later.

This Is the Day – Bird Cage Card Holder … This birdcage sits on my merch table at every event and people LOVE it. It usually costs $37, now it’s only $12! It’s my fav.

Bless This Home – Tiered Server … regularly $60, only $20! If you host parties, you will love this.

Ever Grateful – 10″ Taupe Vase … this adorable vase is a great gift for teachers or college students or hostess gift  – it’s usually $22, but now it’s only $7.79! That’s a great price point, I say, to grab up a handful to keep in your gift closet.

Also, you need to know these two things:

1. Use the code 30SUPER to get 30% off everything else at the DaySpring website, like the absolutely lovely Lisa Leonard Faith Collection. Whoa + booyah.

Also, you can shop the clearance section and add the 30% off coupon and my word you’ll be happy.

2. Spend $50 and you get FREE SHIPPING! So buy a birdcage, a platter, and a few vases for gifts and shazaam, free shipping.

. . . . .


I absolutely love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry and for her Black Friday sale, if you order anything today, you will get a FREE PAIR OF GOLD EARRINGS when you enter the code “blackfridaydeal“. What a win. Tell your husband / brother / boyfriend / jewelry purchaser… or, ya know, just get yourself something. 🙂

. . . . .

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you save lots of doll-hairs this weekend as you shop!


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