My k(in)d of weekend.

I had one of those weekends. The k(in)d that just absolutely blesses the deepest part of your soul.

Holley and Stephanie are two of my very favorite people ever. They both love me like we were born from the same family and I’ve always wanted older sisters.

Jen makes me laugh and I love hearing her honest heart. She loves the underdog. And it is super sweet.

Lisa is a giver. She (in)spires me to love people well and th(in)k before I speak.

Dawn is our resident profesh photographer and I absolutely love the pictures she takes. She hugs me tight every time. It speaks volumes.

I didn’t know Arianne before this weekend, but I’m glad I get to know her for the rest of my days. She’s awesome.

Rob(in) was one of my very first bloggy friends and I don’t regret that at all. She makes me want to be a better Annie.

Jessica and Mary and I drove together. So 18 hours (in) a car can make or break friendships. For us? It made it (in) a big way. These two are darl(in)g to me.

You already know Sarah. Let’s just say hav(in)g a best friend that lives (in) Orange County is difficult. So being (in) the same house for three days was spectacular.

Emily. I don’t even know what to say. Simply this- we were born to be friends and I want to be (in) her space every day. It’s not possible, but a girl can dream. [Also, this is my FAVORITE weekend post so far- check out the pictures.]

Nester has my heart and I feel like she can see through my sk(in) straight to my secrets. And I actually like that. She’s a safe place for me.

So to sit with these twelve women for the entire weekend and hear their thoughts, hearts, and laughs, has really breathed new life (in)to me. I never realized when I accepted the offer to write for (in)courage that these girls would become more than co-writers. They are dear dear friends.


[L to R: Lisa, Robin, Jen, Hunchback of AnnieBlogs *shame*, Arianne, Dawn, Mary, Nester, Emily, Stephanie, Holley, Jessica, and Sarah. Picture by Dawn.]

We drove back last night. As we pulled (in)to Nashville, I got a text that my buddies here were at the park, hav(in)g a picnic. Mary and I hopped (in) my car and ran over. My friends yelled my name and hugs were passed all around and I smiled massively and even, at one po(in)t, I screamed, “MY HEART IS EXPLOD(IN)G!

That’s how I felt- like after a weekend with these girls and a picnic full of my dearest Nash-family, I just can’t believe that this is my life.

Jesus loves me. This I know.

I am so (in)couraged.

Let's be friends!

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