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Annie's fashionABLE favorites!

I have to tell you (in case you don’t know)… I am a huge fan of the fashionABLE product line.

If you don’t know fashionABLE, you should read the whole story of the creation of the company here. But simply stated, your purchase of a fashionABLE product creates sustainable business in Africa.



I tend to give at least one fashionABLE gift every Christmas. Anytime a sale comes across twitter or instagram, I’m scrolling through the website in about half of one second. And when a new product launches, mama wants. And with Easter coming, I was thinking you might want to add one nicer item (besides Cadbury Creme Eggs) to the Easter basket on April 5th!

I thought it would be fun today to share with you some of my favorites that are on the site right now AND ALSO? ALSO?

They gave us a 15% off coupon.


When you order, just use “ANNIE15” and you will get 15% off between now and Saturday night! Insane.

. . . . .

So here are my current faves:

The entire leather section is what I absolutely cannot quit.

I carried the Tigist Clutch for some time and it is great.

But right now? It’s the Agnes Foldover Crossbody Bag that is my purse. The strap length is perfect, it zips shut so it doesn’t spill into every crevice of my vehicle when I make a sharp turn, and it is so beautiful.

Many of you saw on instagram that the Mamuye Tote is my constant travel companion. Again with the strap length! It’s perfect. And it holds my purse, my Real Simple magazine, my laptop, my cords and headphones, and a water bottle. Pretty much all the things a human could need on an airplane. I have the bag in cognac, but all the celebs are rockin’ the black one (OLIVIA WILDE and JESSICA ALBA. WHOA).

I gift the Kalkidan Wallet to many-a-dude in my life.

And here are my two favorite scarves:

Niguse Textured Scarf (this powder blue they have? Perfect spring blue. Like, PERFECT.)

The ABLE Scarf (you know words are my love language, so obviously.)

. . . . .

And just a reminder:

If you spend $80 or more, the shipping is FREEEEEE!

Use the coupon code “ANNIE15” and get 15% off — and remember that only works until Saturday night!

Also, I think if you give them your email address you get $10 off or something. (I tried to go to the website and get the banner to pop up for me, but it won’t do it again. But I think that’s true.)

Also, I didn’t get paid to tell you any of this. I just genuinely think they are awesome and that you would love these things, so I asked Marisa if my people could have a coupon. That’s about how it went. Just wanted you to know that.

Happy Thursday, friends. I can’t believe it is still snowing in Nashville. Gross.


. . . . .

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