Home sweet home.

I’m happy.

For recap’s sake, here’s where I’ve been since I was in Scotland last week.

[I was in Scotland last week. I used to live there. My insides feel bizarro.]

I spent a jet-lagged and wonderful Thanksgiving week with my family. We ate lots of food and I slept some weird hours and I got frustrated at weird times and really enjoyed some weird moments that probably no one else even noticed. I ate Waffle House’s hashbrowns and Chick-fil-A’s chicken and Aunt Carol’s grape salad. We played Wii and I got my nails painted burnt orange.

I also washed clothes and THEN DRIED THEM IN A TUMBLE DRYER.

[It was such a beautiful thing, that moment when the dryer stopped and the clothes were fluffy and not at all wet. I sighed with delight.]

We celebrated my mom’s birthday and Thanksgiving and it was just some quality family time.

I drove back to Nashville on Sunday morning just in time to go to church. I grabbed lunch with some girls and then spent a few hours with the newest baby in my life [he was born last week and I’m already DEEPLY in love with his tiny self] and his dear parents. Then sushi and a movie and a night of restful sleep in a city I love.

“Home sweet home” is a funny title for this post being that, well, I don’t have a home here in Nashville. I’m a vagabond, a couch surfer. I’m hopping from home to home for the next few weeks as I sort out a living situation… or better said, as I wait for God to open the right doors to provide the best place for me to live. [Prayers appreciated.]

But even without an address, my heart feels at home here in Nashville. It’s like the pool of my soul has stopped swirling and everything is settling back into place.

And the whole week I spent at my parents’ house was home sweet home to the millionth degree.

And for the last five months, my heart has been at home in Edinburgh, Scotland… and I miss that place and those people.

Life is weird, isn’t it?

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