In Canada, they call it a “reno”

As in, renovation. You say it like “reh-no,” not “ree-no.” Just so you know. I learned this from Sarah. Sarah has a house. And a show. On HGTV. It’s called Sarah’s House. And I want to be her friend. [Sarah, can we be friends?]

As you know, I am currently nesting.

I have no idea why. Maybe it is because two good friends are having babies in the near future (example – Adam and Ansley) or maybe it is simply because I’m tired of living in a house that looks exactly like my third apartment at the University of Georgia. Either way, if real “nesting” is much worse than this [shall I ever be with child], you are all in a WORLD of hurt- I mean, window treatments have been my staple conversation for three weeks. When I’m actually “nesting”? Lord help the mister who comes between me and my reno.

Back to reality. Last weekend, I called in the professionals.

Caroline and Katie B.E. came to the rescue. Well, it wasn’t exactly “we’re driving from Atlanta just to measure three windows,” but that’s the quickest explanation.

So we measured and brainstormed. We laid down a rug, which makes a world of difference in the living room.

[Baby items courtesy of Katie B.E.’s new traveling companion, baby Lydia. We like her. Like whoa.] And while I was taking that picture, they were doing this….

They would. Then, with a flip of a wrist and a toss of a few beams, my bedroom went from this….

to THIS!

Are you dying or are you dying? I know. I’m dying. Every time I walk in my room I totally swoon [to use a fav word of my fav friend Mary Catherine- and this post about NYC is, well, my fav].

I’m a renter, much like my sweet friend Nester, so I took much advice from her blog. And I figured that if I couldn’t paint, I needed to use fabric to bring in color and wowsa. It has totally changed my room. And I heart it. Mucho.

The window treatments? Well, here’s the thing. Katie B.E. and Caroline aren’t settlers. They don’t settle. So. We are going fabric shopping in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Good things come to those who wait. And those who nest at abnormal points in life.

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