Your Grammy Qs.

Sorry for the delay, bloggites. Moving ruled my life [my friends who helped me move are the bomb and I never use that term unless I am feeling very cheesy and appreciative] and now I’m in the new house. And my bed is caddy-corner. I know. Very lady-like.

Focus. I need to focus.

So I filtered through your questions about the Grammys and picked a handful of my favorites.

From Melissa:

  • Were you ever within touching distance of Beyonce? Yes. [Did I reach out and touch her? No.]
  • Who did you sit with? Lady Antebellum and Dierks Bentley.
  • Were there other not-quite-as-famous people there with celebrities? Yep. I think so. But we all had the Talent sticker, so who knows? 🙂

From Jill:

  • Was Blake Shelton there with Miranda Lambert? Nope. He had a show somewhere. But let me say again. Miranda is DEAR and you should buy her album.

From Kelly:

  • What after parties did you go to? EMI/Capital. And then we were zonked so we went back to the hotel and ordered room service. I had onion soup that was to die for.
  • Did you see Reba? Tragically, no. Sigh…..

From Tori:

  • Did you see the Jonas Brothers up close? Yep, they were waiting on their cars the same time we were waiting on our cars, so we all talked about music and marriage. [I actually just stood there and listened. Cause I don’t have a lot to offer those particular topics.]

From Kimberly:

  • Did you get wet when Pink performed? Nope. Too far to the left.
  • Which performance did you like most? I really loved them all, truly. Pink for most interesting, Black Eyed Peas for most entertaining, Lady A for best actual performance, Lady Gaga for freaking my freak.

From my dear friend Meredith:

  • What was in the goodie bags? Doggie toys, sunglasses, fancy glass things, watches, shoes, leather bags, gift cards, candles [lots of candles], jeans, shirts, and a lot LOT of other stuff. It was like Christmas. I mean, no Christmas I’VE ever known, but Christmas at Paris Hilton’s house.

From Brooke:

  • Did you ever get close enough to touch Ryan Seacrest or Guiliana Rancic? Ryan = no. Guiliana = yes. [Again, I didn’t touch her, I just *could* have.]
  • Did you going to the bathroom during the Grammys? No.
  • If so, did someone fill your seat while you were gone? Seat fillers were everywhere. Every commercial break people would leave and the Grammy folks would start yelling and fill seats. It was INSANITY during that time. While Lady A was gone, an old lady named Rose sat by me and said that if I gave her my email address, she would get me a ticket to the Oscars.

I politely declined. Cause hello. Creepy.

[And then I asked her why she threw the Heart of the Ocean overboard in the FIRST place.]

  • Did you get to meet and/or touch Carrie Underwood? Nope.
  • Did you have any Britney or Justin spottings? Britney was 2 rows in front of us for the first two songs and then she left, never to be seen again. Justin = nope. Whah.

So there you go!  Hope that gives you all the inside scoopage that one could ever want.

One finally funny story. My friend Cassie was standing beside me on the red carpet- she is taller than I and blonde. Ok? So I was going to tap her arm and tell her something.

I saw tall and blonde out of the corner of my eye, so I grabbed her arm and turned my head and said “CASSIE!”, really loudly because that’s how I talk- too loud.

But as I grabbed the arm, that was supposed to be bare because she had on a dress, I grabbed a jacket.

And instead of Cassie standing beside me, I realized that I had just grabbed and yelled in the face of AARON CARTER.



You’re welcome.

And for realz. The new GET FIT VIDEO is up. [Which. By the way. I got real frustrated on Sunday and almost quit. Like really. Almost quit. But I didn’t. I don’t know why, probably because y’all are praying. Keep it up. I’ll tell you more later.]

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