Don’t waste your summer.

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I love summer. Well, we know I love my birthday [have you ever seen the pictures from my 30th birthday party?], but I also love going to the pool and floating down the Buffalo River and sleeping on the far side of the bed, away from the alarm.

[I’m such a weirdo.]

You know what’s great about summer for high school and college students? The schoolwork is gone. [Duh.] While sports or camps or part-time jobs may attempt to fill that gap, they never shall! No siree!!

Not completely at least.

[Dear adults who don’t get summers exactly, you are totally welcome to keep reading. But dear anyone who is actually going to be celebrating a summer- meaning you, student, this is for you.]

Please don’t waste your summer.

I’m not meaning on facebook or twitter or pinterest though, I am certain, that we are all capable of losing months of our lives to the internet.

Here’s what I mean: with school work on hiatus and the pressures of the next test or the next book or the next football game out of your mind for a while, so much can be gained from reading books that have meaning for your personal growth, sitting in coffee shops or by the pool having conversations with some depth, taking naps in your room while non-cheesy worship music plays in the background.


I think summer is the perfect time to learn some new stuff about God, plain and simple. Your schedule is calmer, your mind is clearer, and God is awesome.

So, as I promised the West Cobb Church girls yesterday, here is a list of some resources that I am totally not paid to endorse, but that I think you might really dig this summer.

. . . . .

Books worth a read:

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller – boyz love this book. So do girls.

The Divine Dance by Shannon Primicerio – for the ladies. Amazing book.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 

God Calling by A.J. Russell

Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle – prepare to be rocked.

The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney – I haven’t read this one in ages, but I can’t get it out of my mind. So that must mean that one of you jokers really needs to read it.

Empty Promises by Pete Wilson

For those ladies who love fiction, let me also suggest Kristin Billerbeck or Francine Rivers.

. . . . .

Podcasts worth a listen:

Circuit Riders – All of them are awesome, but I would say, especially for you Nashvillians, listen to these two podcasts by Ray Hughes- they both talk, at points, about the spiritual history of Nashville. Beautiful stuff.

Pray As You Go – one short devotional for every day.

. . . . .

Worship CDs worth a purchase:

Reason To Sing by All Sons & Daughters

Aftermath by Hillsong United

Albertine by Brooke Fraser

Cutting Edge by Delirious — super oldie, but a super goodie.

. . . . .

I would also say to you, summer enjoyer, that you should spend time praying and journaling about stuff that is important to you. Get together with friends and go out to eat and talk about God for a few minutes between bites of your burrito. Hang out with your mentor. Hang out with someone younger than you, too.

Just don’t miss this chance, that goes away as soon as your schooling does, of having a season where you can focus solely on deepening your walk with God.  

Sidenote — here are ways I strongly endorse wasting your summer:

  • lay by the pool
  • sleep late
  • eat lots of cheetos
  • forget what day of the week it is
  • wear the same flip-flops every day

. . . . .

Now share on, my friends. What are some of your favorite books that you would recommend for high school/college aged students? Podcasts? Albums? Movies? Resources in general?



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