Favs in 07.

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I’m not sure how you’ve made it this long without knowing the contents of this list, but I’m proud that you have. Your patience will now be rewarded. It is time, once again [this is the first time I’ve ever done this], to list for you a few of my favorite things from 07. Drum roll please……

Favorite new CD in 07: Cannons by Phil Wickham.

Favorite surprise CD I didn’t know I owned but found in my house in 07: Don’t Get Comfortable by Brandon Heath.

Favorite month of 07: November. It was especially good this year.

Favorite new friends of 07: Harry and Anne in Scotland. In the USA, Katie B’s manfriend. I like him.

Favorite song [according to iTunes calculations] in 07: “Lead Me To The Cross” on All of the Above by Hillsong United. Though I’m not sure I agree, who am I to argue with iTunes mathematics?

Favorite concert in 07:
Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz in Chattanooga. But you knew that already.

Favorite YouTube addiction in 07: Brotherhood 2.0 [proceed with caution: this is truly addicting]

Favorite book (fiction) in 07: The Shuttle by Francis Burnett.

Favorite podcast in 07: The Relevant Podcast. Hilarious to the 4th degree.

Favorite neighborhood get together in 07: Tuesdays at Kathleen’s.

Favorite non-neighborhood get together in 07: breakfast club.

Favorite non-YouTube addiction in 07: Diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite book (nonfiction) in 07: Revelations of a Single Woman by Connally Gilliam. I am NOT a big fan of this type of book, but this particular one is fantastic and if single girls like myself didn’t get offended so easily, I would buy a copy for every single single I know. The best one I’ve EVER read. And I’ve been single book reading for a while. Ahem… moving on….

Favorite purchase in 07
: MacBook. Thank you, tax refund.
[Least favorite purchase: The new camera. Dang it.]

Favorite baby born in 07: That is not fair and I can’t even believe you asked me that.

Favorite photo taken in 07: this one.Favorite blog of someone I don’t know that I found in 07: Brody Harper. Better known to you as “Phil Wickham’s handler“. Gracious…. if I could take back one label this year, that would be it. My humorous nature bites me in the backside again.

Favorite blog of someone I DO know that I found in 07: Again, not fair. Why are you doing this to me? I want to still have my friends at the end of this post, okay? Gah. Just look at all the links on the right and pick one. That’s my favorite. Now pick another one. Yep, that’s my favorite too.

Favorite rejection letter in 07: The one I got from the publishing house that almost broke my heart.

Favorite TV show that went off the air in 07: Gilmore Girls. [single tear]

Favorite TV show that remained in 07: The Office. [tear wiped away as laughter ensues]

Favorite addition to the social calendar in 07: Complete tie between Blog2Face and Stoners. [I’m sure you thought I would say grad school. It came in a close … last.]

Favorite comedian of 07: My dad. You can see his 2nd place award winning stand-up act HERE.

Favorite red dot of 07: You are my favorite red dot. Just look at the map on the right to prove it.

Well, I think I’ve covered about all of it. Is there a favorite from 07 that I missed? Leave it in the comments and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

[A more reflective reflection on 07 to come…. sometime before 08.]

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