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It’s a cloudy and weirdly temperatured Tuesday in Nashville. You know, that “it looks like winter but feels like thick summer” thing. So, the worst.

Luckily for me, my job does not involve the outdoors at all! I sit at my dining room table for approximately six hours a day! (Those exclamation points are obviously sarcastic because sitting for six hours a day isn’t good for your body or your soul.)

The benefit of my indoor-ness is that I can tell you lots of awesome things that are happening on the internet!

Some things…

–> MY NEW WEBSITE! I know, it’s been up for about six weeks, but I’m finally getting around to telling you about it. There’s lots of info and clicky places and I’ve tried to fix all the tiny broken corners and empty spaces, but just like with any new house, there is bound to be some issues here and there. So feel free to let me know if you find something out of place.

–> I haven’t read my friend Matthew Turner’s book Our Great Big American God, but I have and I plan on it and it releases today so you should plan on it too.

–> I had a BLAST being on Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour Podcast last week. Take a listen!

–> Today at noon central I’ll be on the Finding Balance Webcast. The password is lf032. Grab your lunch and let’s eat and chat and such.

–> Have you finished reading Let’s All Be Brave? It would be super rad if you could take a minute and leave an honest review at Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. For people who have never read the book or heard of me, it helps a ton for them to see what actual readers say about the book.

–> You know I’m a major soccer fan. As in, there are still moments that I grieve the end of the World Cup (though my career is glad it is over because I found A LOT of reasons to “work” in front of the TV during the month of June). So I decided that I will become an EPL fan this year. (That’s English Premier League, just in case.) Anyways, some friends have invited me to become a Liverpool fan. My friend Lois lives there, so it feels right. Anyways, here’s the question- do y’all know anything about Liverpool? Help me learn.

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Thanks for your kind words about yesterday’s post. Glad we aren’t in this thing alone.

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