If Dave’s the QB, YOU are the receiver.

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Congrats to Heather!!

Comment # 1 (what are the chances THAT would happen?)

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Timestamp: 2008-03-12 12:01 AM

Seriously, Heather, were you already having a good week and this made it better?
Or were you struggling to find the awesome in today and this has done it?

I’m just curious.

For the rest of us non-winners [myself included] head over to Dave’s site and pre-order your copy of the new album. We’ll all be better people for it. In all seriousness (this rarely happens), this is a great CD and I really hope you all get one. Support Dave, his music, and his ministry.

If you live in ATL, he’s playing here on April 13th. Check the website for details.

And can I just say I’m really proud of some of you bloggites who came out of the internet shadows to try to win? You know who you are. Keep it up!! I pat you on the back for your blog bravery. Blovery? Bralog? Whatever.

Thanks again to Dave and Mike for the giveaway gear. Very cool move.

Someone please remind me on the next giveaway (in 2 weeks, by the way!) NOT to close the contest at midnight. That was dumb. I loaded on caffeine today and midnight Annie is feeling real good right about now. But let me tell you, 5:15am Annie (right after midnight Annie) is not easily controlled and doesn’t have what most would call a “Christian Attitude”. Pray for my students tomorrow. And pray that Chick-fil-A doesn’t run out of Diet Dr. Pepper before I get there in the morning.

Tomorrow….. we really have a lot of things to discuss. Consider yourself warned. California, googling yourself, packing, my true addiction to DDP (see above prayer), Beth Moore, my house, singing background vocals, Jesse leaving the Relevant Podcast, the complete lack of trouser jean in my life. These kinds of life changing topics.

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