I’m obsessed.

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There are a few things I need to tell you about.

And no, I will not be talking about nail polish. [Though, there are some BEAUTIFUL colors listed in the comments of that post … if that is your thing, I highly suggest you check them out.]

First, I have to say. Pintrest. I can’t do it. I just can’t. I want to real bad. But I’m already trying to blog and get my book in lots of hands and work on a second book and answer emails and do my Mocha Club job well and cook at home and be the secretary-ish for Crossroads Church Edinburgh. Also, I watch a lot of Ally McBeal. So I just really can’t add Pintrest to my life right now.

But do you love it? Just tell me. Do you?

I mean, we’re all busy. But you fit it in your life. Convince me I can fit it in mine and I’ll give in.

I’m not a tough sell here, folks.

Anyways, for today, pretend like I love it already and this is a board of things I’m totally obsessed with right now.

1. Mat Kearney’s new album Young Love. It’s the perfect ending to a great summer. And this is my favorite song, Count on Me. It’s adorable and fun.

2. Circuit Riders podcast. YWAM, the mission-sending organization, has recently completed a teaching series for a school they put on in Kona, Hawaii called Circuit Riders. I’ve listened to about half of the teachings and they will KNOCK.YOUR.SOCKS.OFF. Namely, please listen to Ray Hughes. He’s absolutely lyrical in his teaching. Here is the link to the podcast.

3. Old Made Good in Nashville. Though I’m obviously not currently able to walk into the shop, almost daily the OMG team posts pictures on facebook of vintage furniture or art that make me drool. Including this classic pulldown map of Tennessee. I want it real bad.

4. Sodoku. I’ve loved it before, but I love it again. One of the best activities for me on the bus. Especially now that I sorta know my way around town, I don’t have to be 100% focused on the bus route. Also, my friend Adam says that it will help prevent alzheimer’s.

5. Etsy wreaths. I am DYING over these wreaths and globes on Things That We Love. I’m particularly obsessed with this vintage paper wreath.

Right? Do you love or what? AND AND AND!! You have a coupon code!

Use SUMMER25 and get 25% off your order!

Boom. Cause that’s how we roll around here.

. . . . .

Ok, so those are my current can’t quits.

Got any obsessions right now? Share on.

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