I’ve overextended myself.

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That list with which I closed yesterday’s post is a bit extensive. There is no way, in one evening, I could fully expound on my grief over the loss of Jesse from the podcast AND my love for Diet Dr. Pepper AND lament the trouser jean situation. You would quit reading before the end and I always try to keep my blogs at a friendly, multi-paragraphed length.

So we’ll save those. But know that they are in my thoughts constantly. Especially the Diet Dr. Pepper. [It’s called an addiction. Back off.]

I can’t believe I head to Mt. Hermon tomorrow. I can’t believe who I am today that I wasn’t five years ago. If you would have told college graduating Annie this story, she would have laughed. Heartily.

Because the majority of our dreams are so different. What college Annie wanted and what today Annie wants aren’t the same and to be honest, that’s just weird.

I really like today Annie. She dreams well. But she’s kinda foolish and crazy, and somehow it’s working for her. She hopes for things that are impossible and that’s ending up to be a rather fun ride.

Namely, a plane ride. To California. To sit at a retreat center with 500 of the dearest strangers I’ve never met. To eat lunch on Friday with Melodee and Linda. (Thanks for the invite, girls!) To attempt to hear God about the next step. To be open to Him and His leading. To learn and glean from a room full of big deals.

Because I literally DEPEND on prayer and believe so fully in its power (hello? my house just sold!), I’ve made a little side bar on the right for you bloggites, aptly titled CaliPrayin, which is not a real word. Yet. And I’ve listed ways that you can pray for me between now and next Wednesday.

And yes, I did have to look up “aptly” to make sure I used it correctly. I did…. after a minor correction.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. This feels selfish and one sided, but I’m working on that…. a little plan I do have…..

Time to pack and get a pep talk. Sorry I’m 3 minutes late calling you, Shannon. My blog and I are having technical difficulties. [Not tonight, blog, I don’t have time for your petty behavior. Get it together.]

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