My purse: Scotland edition.

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I don’t carry a lot in my purse when I live in Nashville. Pretty much, I have my car keys, my wallet, Anita the iPhone, and the rest just hangs out in my car.

And while I have no idea what will interest you about my life in Scotland, I personally find the amount of things I need to carry with me on a daily basis to be completely fascinating. Because the weather swings like a pendulum every single day and because I never know when I’ll be on a bus, I have to be Susie Prepared in every situation.

I’ve done this a few times before, like when I showed you my writing table and my Mocha Club desk. So I thought it might be fun today to show you all the varied items that weigh my shoulder down on a daily basis.

Here you have it!

[The picture is clickable if you feel like you need a closer view. You’re welcome.]

1. Anita the iPhone. While Anita is unable to make calls or send texts, she is quite good for listening to music and podcasts. I couldn’t have left home without her. Also, because I’m a freak of nature, I like having it with me in case my Scotland phone battery dies or something. I know that won’t happen, but it could.

2. Notepad & pen. I’m a writer. I need these things around to scribble down little ideas or thoughts that come to me. My favorite one as of late? I saw a poster and it said, “lift your skinny fists like antennae to Heaven.” That’s cool, huh?

3. My address. Don’t judge me. I was scared I would forget. I know it now, but again, safety takes no holiday.

4. Keys. My friend Laura, who came over with the Riverstone team in July, brought me a keychain. And I’m grateful. Since I don’t know where either of my flatmates work, it could be a real annoying experience to lose my keys and get locked out. At least I’d have my….

5. Sudoku book. I told you I was addicted. I keep this with me at all times because it is my go-to bus activity.

6. Mechanical pencil. Because doing a sudoku in pen doesn’t necessarily mean you are a genius, it just means you are willing to have lots of scribbles on your grids. I, for one, am not willing. Erasers for the win.

[Do you know what they call erasers in Scotland? Rubbers. I refuse.]

7. Postcards. My friend Melissa said she likes to write postcards on the go, more inspirational or something like that. So I’m trying it.

8. Stamps. Because there is no better way to guarantee that I arrive back in the USA with a pile of fully composed postcards than to not keep stamps on me. So this way, the do actually get mailed.

9. Sunglasses. Like I said, the weather is as fickle as a middle school relationship. Currently, the sun is shining in my window and totes blinding me, but I bet you money it will pour sometime today. It always does.

10. Map of Edinburgh. But this is no ordinary map. This map has all my friends’ homes marked so that I can find them easily without having to call for directions. AGAIN. If getting lost is a disease, I have a severe and recurring strain of it.

11. Camera. Let’s all pretend like we love my zebra print case. I really don’t love it. But it is easy to spot. [Or stripe, if you will.]

12. Wallet. This cute little thing was a gift from some of my besties for my birthday in July. Little did those Americans know that this wallet PERFECTLY fits British pound notes and has plenty of room for the coins. [Because, let me tell you this- the bus costs £1.30 and they do NOT give change or let you use bills. And because I refuse to overpay them, I have to keep a lot of coin on me. Namely, one pound coins, 10p coins, and 20p coins.]

13. Scotland phone. That I still can’t figure out how to use exactly. But I know how to text and how to answer it when it rings. I also know how to use the maps [see #10] so I figure that’s enough.

14. Worst umbrella in the world. Literally. I might as well have a few pieces of paper tied to a coat hanger and hold that over my head when it rains. But it’s compact and bright green, so I keep it.

So there you have it! I mean, that’s a ton of stuff, right? It feels that way to the shoulder that lugs my purse around. But I promise you, on a normal day, I use of these things.

Except my address. I’ve got that pretty well memorized by now. 🙂

. . . . .

What’s the most interesting thing in your purse / wallet ?

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