New Book Week : Restless by Jennie Allen (and IF:Gathering!)

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But seriously, can you believe so many great books have already been released in 2014? It’s insane. So far this week, we’ve covered Notes From A Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider, Chasing God by Angie Smith, Clout by Jenni Catron, and The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle.

Today’s New Book Week feature is dear to me and also has a lot to do with where I am this weekend.

Restless by Jennie Allen


A little more than a year ago, I went to Austin for the first time. Jennie picked me up at the airport and we immediately ran out of gas. I laughed so hard.

We spent the next few days brainstorming and outlining Restless. Of course, we didn’t call it by that title, and it has morphed and changed and grown since those days, but this is how books start for me and many of my friends- with a lot of sticky notes and candy and husbands with thoughts and poster boards and dreams.



Jennie is a wrestler. It’s just what she does. She wrestles with her doubts and fears and faith and then she wrestles with her reader when she’s asking us to believe her and believe God. She’s also a pusher- she’s going to push you when you don’t want her to, but you’re going to be glad she did.

Restless is more than just a book you read through- there are journal prompts and diagrams and scripture dissection and actions for us to take as a reader.

Around the same time that Jennie dreamed up Restless, she dreamed up IF:Gathering. It would probably be truer to say that God gave Jennie these dreams and Jennie is brave enough to say yes to them, but she would hate me saying that.

IF:Gathering is happening this weekend- the broadcast location is in Austin, but you can be a part IF:Gathering no matter where you are. If you want to know more about IF, here’s a great podcast that will teach you all the things.

This weekend, tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be hosting the IF:Local livestream with Joy Eggerichs. So yeah, it will be insane and hopefully hilarious and I can’t believe they are trusting us with the whole internet- I mean, can you BELIEVE how many groups are gathering?!?! Anytime the camera isn’t showing the main session worship/teachings, it will be Joy and I interviewing the speakers and artists, chatting with IF:Local groups around the country, and chasing down Christine Caine.

Reading Restless and participating in IF:Local are two catalyst events in my life- and I think they will be in yours too. I hope you’ll use some of your weekend to tune in to what God is doing in the lives of women in Austin and across the globe (seriously-

You joining us this weekend? Where is your IF:Local gathering? 

(I have used Amazon affiliate links in this post, but I have not been paid to write this post. All opinions are honest and my own. Amen.) 

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