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Well. If you ever wished that you could hear me talk for a solid eighty minutes, here’s your chance.

You lucky dog, you.

Dr. Alan Brisco, from Wisdom For A Change, and I chatted for a while and first of all, I think he is awesome. Secondly, he’s Canadian and I’m kinda mad that I forgot to tell him about the one time I’ve been to Canada and had a milkshake.

Thirdly [is that a word?], my voice is so annoying to me. I hope it annoys you less than it annoys me.

This interview comes in four parts. Just click on the banner and listen away!

(#1 is mostly about how I got here….)

(#2 is about From Head To Foot…..)

(#3 is about the book and where we’re going ….)

(#4 is about my friends and Perfectly Unique ….)

I really like these four podcasts, each about 20 minutes long, because I feel like it is the most comprehensive interview I’ve done about my career, my history [My her-story? You’re welcome.], and what’s coming with Perfectly Unique.

And because you are my friends, I’ll tell you how the whole thing really looked. I want you to be able to picture it. I was sitting at my kitchen table, talking on Anita the iPhone to Dr. Brisco in Canada [where I had a milkshake in 2003] and quietly snacking on Trader Joe’s fruit snacks. I also had a glass of sweet tea but I felt like when I drank it, it made my throat feel goopy. So I didn’t drink it.

[That is far more info than you care about. But. I just wanted you to know. I think part of the fun of us being friends right now, when all this crazy new career stuff is going on, is that you get to hear what is really going on. My throat was goopy. That’s reality, y’all.]

Hope this gives you a little entertainment on your Tuesday!

[Thanks a million to Dr. Brisco and the folks at Wisdom For A Change for featuring me- I am so grateful. And thank you, Canada, for that milkshake that one time.]

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