RandoM with a capital R. And M.

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I can’t wait until I get to say things like this on a regular basis:
“No, honey, you can’t wear that. It’s not a dress. It’s a picture.”
(Danielle, on the phone to me, talking to a child that was over playing with Ashlin)
I laughed outloud. Long time.

I’m really diggin’ Mat Kearney right now. Another singer/songwriter. These jokers are a dime a dozen. And that’s a dime that I’m willing to spend.

My new favorite thing, you ask? Well, alright, I’ll tell. It’s the RELEVANT MAGAZINE PODCAST. Totally free on iTunes and worth every penny. (Ha- I’m crackin’ myself up tonight) But seriously, it is HILARIOUS. I mean, I laugh outloud with tears each week. Trust me. Just go download last week’s and I promise you’ll be hooked as soon as Cara talks about a bird pooping in her slushy. That’s comedy, people. And they have great musicians, stories, etc. So not only do they make me laugh, they make me think. I love hearing new musicians that they recommend.

And if you have never entered the world of podcasts until now, I’ll just go ahead and say “you’re welcome”. It’s that good. Search on iTunes and you’ll quickly get lost in the deep sea that is podcasts. Who else do I listen to, you ask? Well, Donald Miller, Rob Bell (insert grain of salt here), Passion07, Radiant Magazine, and Paste Magazine. All enjoyable.

Oh yeah, little side note, no biggie, I’m just kind of a big deal. Many thanks to my friend Shannon for asking me to do this. Interview coming soon.

And I don’t know why I’m feeling so random AND giving, but have you seen these pictures yet?

What? You’ve never seen a raccoon canoe? Well, your loss.
Aww…that’s sweet. Justin beckoned the raccoon so they could canoe side by side.

Oh Justin, you are a tricky little devil. A race when the raccoon thought you were befriending him? Disgusting. And can’t you tell that raccoon only has a wooden spoon? He has no chance against your wooden swan and fireplace shovel.

Yeah, this is not a great blog. I fully recognize that. Funny? Probably. Pointless? Somewhat. But things have just been SO serious and lifey (is that a word?) and deep that I had to let the rest of my brain puke tonight. Though I do feel like I’ve exposed you to some good things (Shannon’s website, for example), overall, you are probably hardly smarter than when you started reading.

And for that, I’m sorry and I take the full responsibility.

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