That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 14: Christa Black Gifford

Christa Black Gifford on That Sounds Fun Podcast

Gracious I love Christa Gifford and her family. When we first met, they weren’t living in Nashville and I was VERY VERY sad about it, but gratefully, they are here now. And luckily, I get to pop over to their house and hang out every now and again. Christa is a joy and a breath of fresh air, she pushes me to think through things I’ve never processed through before, and she’s just plain fun to be around.

I think when you listen to this podcast, you’re totally going to agree. 🙂

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– Christa Black Gifford

Heart Made Whole


Seth Godin

University of Georgia



God Loves Ugly

Encounter CD

Looking for Lovely

Looking for Lovely (Bible study)

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