That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 7: Connor Harrell

That Sounds Fun Episode 7 with Connor Harrell

You just cannot know how much I like the dude who is on the podcast today.

Like, Connor is the kind of friend that I think I’m gonna have forever. I call him my brother. His family feels like my family. I want to keep them. For always. That’s my plan. I tend to force people into lifelong friendship. It’s going great so far.

Here’s my two favorite posts about him that already exist on the blog (just so you can get to know him a bit):

A sweet circle. (This also includes a video of Connor hitting a grand slam, which is incredible.)

Looking forward. (Still makes me cry.)

(I won’t embarrass him by linking to the post where he is wearing the I Am A Girl of Grace tshirt.)

So before Connor headed to spring training with the Tigers, I sat down with him and we chatted about what life is like for a professional baseball player. And talking to my friends who become family who become professional athletes? That Sounds Fun to me. 🙂

(You can listen right here on the blog or you can download the episode or subscribe to the podcast and new episodes will come to you!)

Here are the links to things we discuss on the podcast:

 Connor Harrell

— Ellie Holcomb’s song My Portion and My Strength

My favorite Bible verse

the CT Tigers shirt I wanted

Matt Stafford (GO DAWGS)

our friend Tyler Beede

A bunch of Bible reading plans

52 Weeks With Jesus by James Merritt

 Review/rate this podcast (please please please?)


Here’s the video of that first NCAA College World Series homerun in TD Ameritrade Park.

. . . . .

Here is the real question that Connor and I sadly still do not know the answer to for ourselves or each other. We ran out of time to push ourselves to the limit before he went to Florida. Whah whah.

How many hot Krispy Kreme donuts could you eat in one sitting?

. . . . .

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