Things I love.

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Love is in the air, y’all. Spring is here in all it’s lion/lamb glory and people are in great moods. It is only fair and right that I throw some heart-shaped glitter through the screen right into your life.

You’re welcome.

Here are some of the things I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with right now.

Target’s boyfriend v-neck tshirt.

It’s going to be the summer of the v-neck. I can tell already. Target has this shirt in juniors, normal gals, and the plus-size section. So pretty much, every last one of us can rock these all summer long. I have it, no lie, in white, grey, purple, mint, and blue. And now I want this pink color. So that’s great. Super comfortable. Super affordable. Getcha some.

. . . . . .

My friend The Womanista linked to the other day and now I can’t quit it. Sure, predictable and all since it has “glitter” in the title and you all know that glitter is my favorite color. But the variety of articles they write and the beautiful photos has me hook, line, and sinker every single day.

. . . . . .

212 Sexy Perfume

I’ve never been a consistent perfume wearer until the last six months. A friend gave me a bottle of this magically delicious scent, 212 Sexy Eau De Parfum Spray by Carolina Herrera, and I wear it every single day now. I absolutely love it. [Also, can we all just notice that I used the word s-e-x in my posts two days in a row? My southern grandmama would faint.] And I think the bottle is entertaining – two little bulbs of perfume on either end.

. . . . . .

This American Life podcast

I’ve told you about this before, but seriously. Take one hour out of your week and simply enjoy this radio show. I would venture to say, along with Prairie Home Companion, This American Life is keeping radio entertainment alive.

. . . . . .

(in)RL meet-ups

Saturday is the (in)RL meet-ups all around the world. You can look here to see if there is one in your area. Nashville ladies, here is our facebook event and we would absolutely love for you to be there.

. . . . . .

Lent Playlist

My dear and wonderful small group build a pretty solid worship playlist during Lent. I just thought you may enjoy hearing it. It is almost four solid hours worth of quality worship tunes. Enjoy.

[By the way, I made another Give Me A Minute video yesterday… check out that playlist that I’m gonna keep building. I definitely overly enjoy making one minute videos.]

. . . . . .

Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

I find the editor’s note at the beginning, by Christopher Kimball, consistently one of the finest pieces of writing I get to read. Cook’s Illustrated is an awesome magazine [and you can read the whole thing for free on the website… booyah].

. . . . . .

Now all I want to do is go lay on a blanket at the park, in my mint green Target v-neck, listen to the Lent playlist, and read Cook’s Illustrated. Alas, I’ll stay here at my desk and keep doing my job.

[Because I’m a responsible adult, no matter what my love for glitter leads you to believe.]

What do you love right now? Clothing? Book? Musician? Magazine? Website? Tell me ’bout it!

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