TOP 5 FRIDAY: Road Trippin’ Snackalackin’

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TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

[You guys. What is that title all about? I’m a freak.]

Thanks to the blue circle and my friends getting married in random cities and Father’s Day and things of that nature, I have not been in Nashville since Tuesday morning.

I’ve been in Birmingham. Huntsville. Marietta. Knoxville.

But not Nashville. And not for a few more days even.

My Toyota Camry, bless her 180,000 mile heart, has been nothing short of a champ. I like her. I think I’ll keep her for another 180,000+. You can do it, Camry, I believe in you.

But when one is driving that many miles alone, there are some key components necessary:

  • a phone charger
  • a GPS system of some sort [I am, in the most severe sense, directionally challenged.]
  • podcasts galore
  • snacks

So these are my top 5 favorite roadtrip snacks. No, I do not consume them all at one time and even if I did, I am not saying I did or have or would, I would need you to love me anyways, okay?

And some of these are my own pictures because I believe there is power in honesty.

Ahem. The list.

. . . . .

1. Coke Icee

Well, if you’ve ever known me ever, you know that I have a certain weakness for Coke Icees. It’s a strange thing, especially since I do not drink sodas, but in the summer, I can hardly resist these treats. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for the economy, Coke Icees are easier than ever to find on the road thanks to Burger King.


2. M&Ms

They are my candy of choice. Plain, please. And if you can resist getting a King Size bag [but who am I to judge] then you have a handy little snack that won’t ruin your life or your waistline. All things in moderation, people. And if you try to tell that you take veggies… well, wait. I actually used to nanny a family who carried heads of cauliflower on road trips, so it is possible.


3. Grande No Water Soy Chai Latte

Just if you ever find yourself in need to order a drink for me at Starbucks, those are the magic words. And here’s the road trip trick: ask for a plastic stopper to put in the sippy hole. [fancy science words, y’all] By putting the stopper in, your drink doesn’t get cold therefore you don’t feel the massive pressure to drink it quickly therefore you haven’t consumed $4 worth of drink in 12 minutes.

4. Trail Mix

Because people need protein. I’m not a huge raisin fan, but I get that they are a good idea to have in your life, so trail mix is another way to sneak those past my refined palate. Sure, my trail mix is laced with a bit o chocolate, but surely you aren’t going to start judging now, are you? Because if so, you are totally going to want to skip #5.

5. Cracker and Cheese Combos

Some thoughts. Now, this is a “road trip only” snack for me because, let’s be honest- there is hardly a thing in this snack that the good Lord created. It’s mainly processed and chemicaled [not a word] and formed into a crunchy and creamy salty snack. They are just little and delicious and I always feel a tiny twinge of self-disappointment when I enjoy them. But alas, I still enjoy them.

. . . . . .


What snacks do you take with you on a road trip?

Sub-question: Where are you road-tripping this summer? 


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