Last day in Scotland.

It’s my last day here.

I can’t believe that is even true. It has flown by and yet it feels like many-a-moon ago that I was in Nashville.

I insist on apologizing again for my lack of blogging.

I just don’t have anything to say.

The serious stuff sounds cheesy and to just tell you funny stories seems trite.

I still have some great experiences to share- like my FIRST EVER professional soccer game [though I have been chastised for saying “soccer” instead of “football“] and a weekend with great friends in Stewarton and the fact that I’ve watched the entire season of Downton Abbey.

I have videos that I just found on my camera of the high school bible study group eating haggis pizza and a collection of short films from them titled “Annie left her camera here so we’re going to make movies.” It’s a strong showing.

I have one fully packed suitcase, one partially packed suitcase, and one slightly over sized carry-on that might cause a hiccup in travel.

So I have all the goods for a few days worth of quality bloggerificness.

Here’s how I see it. I’ll get home tomorrow, rest up a bit, then on Thursday I’ll finish uploading pictures. I’ll blog like a mad blog lady, showing you all the sights from the last week or so.

But for today, I’ve got nothing [except apparently 300 words explaining that I have nothing to say].

[Welcome to the world of a painfully extroverted extrovert.]

So today I’ll hang out with some friends and finish up packing. Then I’ll hop the train into Edinburgh and probably listen to something gloomy and dramatic on my headphones while I stare out the window and the passing scenery.

[Welcome to the world of a dramatic extrovert.]

This has been an amazing month. Many other adjectives fit there are well, the good and the bad, but for today, amazing feels right.

I can’t get this line out of my head from Andrew Peterson’s song Many Roads. If I could say just one thing about this trip [laughable- have you met me?], I think these lyrics sum it up:

“And your many hopes

and your many fears

were meant to bring you here

all along…”

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