Smile, Wednesday: Downton Abbey Premiere

[UPDATE: It is 2:23pm in Scotland and I am JUST realizing that today is Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Sorry. And weird.]

I’ve been a lame blogger this week. Forgive me.

But here are tons of pictures from our Crossroads Church Girls Dinner / Downton Abbey Premiere on Sunday night. Yep, Downton Abbey Season 2. I know. You’re totes jealous that we get to watch it already. And rightly you should be. Season 2 has started off with a bang.

So we invited any girls over to make dinner and watch the show.

Two of our Chinese friends are looking to learn to cook, so I threw them right in.

Jessye and Esther hanging out in the kitchen.

Here is a funny picture. Sarah, operating the computer, is taking an American cookie recipe [this one for White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies] and translating the measurements while Jess and Penny do the grunt work. This was quite a challenge, being that I didn’t have scales or the appropriate baking tools. But they make it work. 🙂

Hannah and Mary with their dinner and a large collection of garlic bread.

Here’s most of the girls… I think there are about seven more doing dishes or cookies. We had TWENTY total. Can you believe that?!? TWENTY! [My dishwasher can’t believe it either.]

Sarah and I. Man, I love this girl. I met her in January when she was still in high school. Now she’s moved to University of Edinburgh and it is only because I am full of self-control that I don’t call to hang out with her every day. You’re welcome, Sarah.

I think pictures of dirty dishes are funny. You gotta laugh, or they make you cry.

People applauding the arrival of the cookies. They are worth a standing ovation. I highly suggest this cookie recipe and I bet with proper measuring equipment and all the ingredients [we don’t have peanut butter chips here], they would be insane.

Watching Downton Abbey. We were in heaven. Lots of gasps and shock and when it ended, everyone was like, “yeah, I’m hooked.” And I was like, “well, that’s great. Cause I’m pretty hooked on having my house full of girls on Sunday nights.”

This is my favorite moment from the night. Three girls who, prior to this dinner, had never met. They are all snuggled and leaning and connected and it made me want to pass out from too much happy.

And to think, one month ago we didn’t know most of these girls. They hadn’t even moved to this city yet! And yet, God has connected us and drawn us together over food and conversation and a period piece from 1916.

Truly. This night amazed me. I couldn’t believe how many girls came and how God has just heaped students into our basket. I’m really grateful. It is one of the highest joys in my life to have a house full of young women connecting to each other and connecting to God, so to see that happening here in Edinburgh makes my chest fill until it might burst.

. . . . .

Have you seen Downton Abbey?

Do you have any recipes that are cheap and easy for 20+ girls? Cause I need ’em. Real bad. We’ve got 7 more episodes to go, so that’s 7 more dinners! 

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