A few spiritual shots.

Middle of the week.

I hear ya.

And I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. The spiritual doctor, that is.

[Not the witch doctor. Not that kind of spiritual doctor. Sheesh. Weird.]

Roll up your sleeve. Be brave. This won’t hurt.

. . . . .

Shot #1: New worship song

My worship leader from Atlanta, Daniel Bashta, released his first song on iTunes yesterday- it’s called Like A Lion. And listen, if you love a good 5 minutes of worship in your day, this is your song.

Or, if you want your kids to dance around the house to some good worship music, this is your song.

Or, if you [I] like to dance around the house [my house] to some good worship music, this is your [my] song.

And then my worlds collided when one of my dearest Nash-friends Andy did work on the album and I was all, “Gracious does everyone on the entire earth know each other because sometimes it feels that way and would you please sing ‘It’s A Small World With Me’ now?”


Get Like A Lion. You’ll love it.

. . . . .

Shot #2: The Secret of Victory

Wow. This sermon from Sunday is one of the most powerful I have heard in a while. I was lucky enough to hear it live, and I’m telling you, it was all.I.could.do. not to yell, “come on, Cory!” while he was preaching. It was that strong of a word.

I’ve known Cory for about ten years and he’s always been great, but I will tell you- there was something different on Sunday morning. Some Holy Spirit stuff. Some power of God stuff. Some victory talkin’ stuff.

I really can’t say this strongly enough and if I capitalize this whole section you won’t read it. [I know your ways, blog reader.] Just let me say- if you are a Christian and you are pursuing a stronger relationship with God, you should absolutely make time to watch this and take notes and pray through it.

It is worth thirty-two minutes and fifty-seven seconds of your Wednesday.

[Here is the link to Cory’s sermon The Secret To Victory if you can’t view the embedded version.]

Seriously. How many Sundays have I had a blog? [You do the math- this little corner of the internet sky has been alive since November 2006.] And how many Sundays have I told you to listen to the sermon from this week?



. . . . .

Shot #3: Time in the Word

I am happy [and shocked] to report that I am two months into reading the Bible in a year and I am [gasp] still on track.

If you recall, I am using this Disciple Journal Bible Reading Plan that only makes you read 25 days each month. And that has made all.the.difference for me. Just having those 3-5 extra slack days has made this task feel less like a race that I am losing. [That’s not until Saturday…. sheesh.]

The second thing that has made this successful is that I read a little portion of four different sections of the Bible every day. So I don’t feel exhausted before I even start, like “Huh? 45 chapters of Leviticus? Save me.” Instead, it’s a piece of the OT, the Psalms, the Gospels, and Paul’s letters. Easy stuff. Fancy stuff.

If you want, join in now! Start in March. Let’s do this thang in 2011!

. . . . .

I know this post ran long, and I know that it is all about God stuff and I don’t often do that. But I guess there are times when the thing that is absolutely most important in my real life deserves to be the center of my bloggy attention. It’s all for Him anyways.

Acts 17:28

For in Him we live and move and have our being.


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