ITunes disaster averted.

So, I sign on ITunes this morning because I’m just ready to add Christmas music to my IPod. So sue me. And I go to add NSync’s Christmas album (maybe that was my first mistake?) and when I sign on, ALL my songs are gone, ALL my playlists are gone, and the entire system has been reset.

Trying to remain calm, I know NOT to plug in my IPod. That would be complete loss, and to be honest, I can’t really handle that kind of devastation in my life today.

So I call Katie B. Katie B. knows everything about everything, so surely she can solve this. To my shock and horror, she can not. Not only am I worried now about the future of my music collection, some sort of false dreams of Katie B. are now shattered. I pause….what else might she not know that I am innocently assuming she DOES know?

I don’t have time to think about that, nor the strength.

I try to focus on getting ready for church, but all that keeps running through my mind is how my computer is the most fickle senior citizen I have to interact with. And it has just trumped me. You, computer, have vexed me this morning.

Church comes and goes- I ask Ernie if he can fix it. No guarantees and some suspicious “I’m not sure I can fix this” look comes over his face. Worry is creeping up into my throat.

After lunch, I call my mother- she’s oddly good at technology. And she quickly hands the phone to Sally- her techy protege. Sally has the answer- check FAQs on ITunes.

And sure enough, I’m not the first human to experience complete wipe-out of ITunes. In fact, this exact problem fits into the Frequently Asked Questions category. Sweet.

So if this ever happens to you, here’s what you do: Just go to your “My Documents” and under “My Music” is an “ITunes” folder. Drop it into your open ITunes program. Ahhh…. all is restored. Except your playlists- but really, we should probably delete and remake those more than most of us do. True?

Now that the world is right again, sing along with me (and the boys of NSync):
It’s a wonderful feeling, with the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling,
It’s that time of year- Christmas time is here.
And with the blessings from above, God sends you His love and everything’s okay,
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

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