Listen up. For some good music.

I have a few things.

First of all, if Jeff Lewis is reading this, we should be friends. [Just had to get that out of the way, you never know, people. We are on a mission.]

Secondly, as you see here on the top right, we have a memory verse. And by “we”, I mean “I plus any of you”. I’m going to memorize Psalm 145. Join me if you dare. Or care. Or stare. [I don’t know about that last one, it just rhymed.]

Thirdly, if you will scroll down on the right, you will see a link to FREE MUSIC. Seriously. Again. It’s from JJ Heller. And she is awesome. Her voice is spot on and her lyrics make me cry. I’ve listened to the whole album three times today. [Yeah, I love my life.] And did I mention that it is FREE? That’s beauticulous. So download it and then email her and say, “You are so very good at what you do”, or something of the like.

Fourthly, I have a super great friend named James. We’ve been friends for nine years or so and I absolutely adore him, could put him in my pocket and keep him with me all the time. [Except that would be weird.] My friend Kat has a music blog that is excellent and on Mondays she has other bloggers talk music-speak. So let’s put those together- I love my broseph James, Kat wants music.

James meet my blogmies and bloggites. Kat meet James.

He has an AH-MAZ-ING voice. In fact I sat on a couch last night as he played a new one he has written and I said, jaw on the floor, “Uh. Yeah. That’s a good one.” He writes from honest places and sings like no one else I know personally at this particular point in my life.

So, I super duper encourage you to go listen to his myspace (my personal fav- “Long Way From Tomorrow”) and then head to iTunes and buy his EP. It’s cheap. And good. [And when he goes on tour, I get to man the tshirt table and wear a headset. So by buying his EP, you are, in essence, securing my future job.]

Fifthly [is that a word?], my friend Sophie has an awesome music giveaway going on RIGHT NOW. So head that way if you want more free music.  And I’m proud to say I was the first comment.  I believe in small, attainable goals now that I am self-employed.

Seventhly, I hate doing things in groups of six, so I skipped straight to seventhly to say have a great day and your ears can thank me later.

Let's be friends!

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