Seth “you’re gonna wanna hug him” Philpott.

seth_philpottThis is one of my dear friends, Seth Philpott.

This photo doesn’t do Seth justice. You can’t see him smiling. You can’t see how the world entertains him. You can’t hear him CRACKING ME UP. Cause if he’s talking, I’m laughing. Game over.

But because he wanted to be sure to look cool, here’s the picture I’m allowed to show you.

[Whah whah.]

You win, Seth. You look super cool.

So Seth is releasing his first EP today titled Good Hearts. And y’all. He is good. The stuff he writes is high quality. I mean, he’s not paying me a single dime to say all this. So you can believe me. I love the songs on this EP.


It’s only $6. That’s all. So I’m thinking you should head over and buy you one.


Because Seth is a giver, for the FIRST TEN PEOPLE who comment, I get to email you a free song! I know, right?!? How cool is that? But there’s a catch: you have to tell Seth that you think he’s awesome in your comment. Today is his birthday, so why can’t we give him the gift of kind words? I mean, you can elaborate on that as much as you please [but err on the side of not creepy], and the only way I’m counting your comment is if

  1. You have left me a working email address when you leave the comment
  2. You boost up Seth’s ego a smidge

So if you are one of the FIRST TEN to do that today, I’ll happily email you an MP3 from Seth’s album [sometime soon- I’m currently in flight to NYC! so I may not get to it right away, but soon].

And y’all should get your own copy of Good Hearts.

It’s a good choice. I promise.

[By the way, make sure you are keeping up with me via twitter for the next couple of days as I head to NYC to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Booyah!! I am way past excited.]

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