Today is a REALLY good Tuesday.

For two reasons:

#1- My friend Sandra Byrd has a book releasing today- Bon Appetit.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading it and it is FANTASTIC.  The first novel in the series, Let Them Eat Cake, is one of my favorites.  A friend of mine is reading it and she immediately commented on how real the characters are and how it is the best Christian fiction she has read because it isn’t pushy.  That’s called a breath of fresh air in this genre!!  So grab both books today.  Because there is a third.  And trust me, you WANT to be ready for it.  Oh Sandra.  Keep ’em coming, sister.  Because you are good at what you do.

#2- Our buddy Matt Wertz‘s new album Under Summer Sun drops today.  [That’s industry talk for “releases”- it happens when you move here.]  We’ve been over this before, but this man can write some good music.  He uses words wisely, which is an antonym of “Annie”.  If you haven’t heard him yet, go listen to a few songs on his myspace THEN buy the album.  You will want to.

[And because I know you care, my very favorite Wertz song EVA is “Capitol City”.  Read the lyrics and you may cry.  Or at least you will if you are moving to a new city and have no friends.  Ahem.]

I feel pretty strongly about our blogmunity [that’s a blog community, by the way] supporting these two artists.  I have nothing to give away, no freebies here.  I just have to say that when two different people each love God well and express that love and gratitude through their art, I’ll pay for it.  And I’ll tell my friends to pay for it.  And it is GOOD art.  GOOD books.  GOOD music.  If it was bad, I’d magically forget to post today and apologize to Matt and Sandra on Wednesday.  So trust me.  It’s worth it.  I haven’t led you astray yet… uhh….. I don’t think I have, at least.

I’m praying for both of these artists today.  For Sandra.  For Matt.  For the people that work with them.  That they would encounter God today as they release to the world a portion of their praise.

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