TOP 5 FRIDAY: Hillsong (+ a giveaway!)

First of all, the winner of Sarah Martin’s Stress Point is commenter #34: BEKAH! Congrats, Bekah! And wowsers, after reading all those comments, I’m thinking you 20-somethings just need to come over to my house and I’ll make lunch and let’s talk about some things, y’all. I’ll let you know when it is planned.

Not really. But maybe. Because I love you people.

On to the show….

. . . . .

TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

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One of the things I push my small group gals about is filling their mind with Godly music. You may recall I made them a little Lent Playlist this spring. And the Hillsong worship albums are some of my absolute favorite.

So I pulled a CLASSIC Annie and opened up the ol’ iTunes, put “Hillsong” in the search box, and then listed the songs by most played.

Because blogging should be the most riveting of entertainment media, here are my Top 5 Hillsong worship songs. [And I am going to kind of announce them like they are in a beauty pageant. Read it that way, okay?]

. . . . .

Coming in at #5, with 21 plays, most recently on May 20th in the middle of the afternoon, Bones from the Aftermath album!

Tied for #4, each with 23 plays, Point of Difference from All Of The Above [last played when I was in Scotland last July] and Hosanna [last played, well, on Monday].

The #3 position is held for a special song, played 30 times, lastly on February 19 [and you can keep your Valentine’s Day comments to yourself thank you very much]- None But Jesus from United We Stand.

Just squeaking by with 31 listens, last played from this laptop in May of 2010 [indicating a serious song addiction in the 2009-2010 season of life], 2nd place goes to Made Me Glad from This Is Our God.

And our #1 Hillsong United song, with a commanding 40 plays, most recently in February [the 19th was apparently a worshipful / tough day, y’all], Lead Me To The Cross from All Of The Above.

. . . . .

Why this Top 5 Friday topic? Because the good people at Hillsong released a NEW album this week- a live album called Cornerstone. And I think you’ll love it.

The fine folks at Hillsong gave me a copy of this album earlier this week so I could give it a spin and see if a) I liked it and b) if I wanted to tell you about it because I liked it.

Yes and yes.

No joke, the songs from this album are creeping up my Hillsong most-played list and will crack the Top 5 in no time. #7- Grace Abounds? Yeah, it makes me cry. The album is full of songs that we’ll be singing in our churches in NO TIME, y’all. No time.

[And listen, free copy for me or not, if the music wasn’t good and I didn’t think you would genuinely like it, I wouldn’t tell you about it. I promise.]

Those same good folks at Hillsong? They are giving away THREE copies of Cornerstone today!!! 

Cool, right? I KNOW.

TWO winners will be picked by random number generator.

The third album will go to the person who leaves the most convincing comment as to why you should get a free copy of this worship album.

So… to win, just leave a comment below telling us why YOU should get this free album!

[Buttering me up with happy birthday wishes won’t help you, though I can totally see why you think it would, with me loving my birthday and all.]

You have until 5pm CST on Sunday, July 8th to enter.

Booyah, right? Totes booyah.

Have a great weekend!

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